Eli, OJ, Aaron Hernandez, Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson &… Bobby Smurda???

Before you muhfuccas even start, I am not an OJ Simpson apologist.

That nigger is guilty as sin of having killed that, uh, ahem, “good” white woman and should have been fried like bacon so that his remaining and residual pieces could be served to the segment of this country ravenous for his blood with a side order of tofu and cottage cheese.

HOWEVER, I do find it fascinating that the same type shit the feds eventually got OJ on is the kind of beef Eli Manning is now facing with the law – memorabilia – although OJ claimed his own shit was stolen while Eli was allegedly knowingly passing bogus shit.

OJ did what any nigga – or anybody for that matter – would have done when he suspected that somebody was selling stolen shit of his: he gathered up a bunch of his boys and went to their hotel room to cop back.

Of course, the state claims he had a gun, a claim he refutes, but can we really take the word on anything from a man that would so egregiously lie about killing his sweet white wife?

It’ll be real interesting how NFL Commissioner and Prime Fool Roger Goodell deals with Eli should Mr. Manning prove to be an actual law breaker when his record so far has been only to doggedly pursue niggas for violations in their personal lives.

In his entire career, Goodell’s gotten one thing 1/2 right.

Sticking it to Tom Brady’s cheating ass for cheating the game.

The rest of the time, as opposed to being the guardian of rules and regulations as they pertain to football, Goodell’s behaved like he was some sorta fucking anti-nigger social worker.

Mike Vick can’t kill his dogs, Ray Rice can’t beat his fiance and Adrian Peterson, despite the stereotype which suggests that there are no caring and involved Black fathers and the very biblical admonishment that should you “spare the rod” you’ll “spoil the child”, can’t discipline his own boy in the manner that he sees fit.

Niggas, as always, and as you remember from having read the Jordan Rules, need “father figures” regardless of if their fathers are – like Michael Jordan’s own dad at the time of the writing – alive, active, still married to their moms and onsite.

Niggas everywhere, as a whole, and I mean all 42 million of us, watched in stunned disbelief as crazed murdering tight end Aaron Hernandez was actually found innocent of two murders that were in addition to the one he’s already currently serving time for.

So that’s what “justice” looks like seemed to be the collective thought bubble you’d have seen if you had insight into the Negro mind when the verdict was announced.

We’re so used to a system that, once it has us locked on one beef, never hesitates to charge us with whatever else it sees fit.

Don’t let there be some unsolved shit laying around or you just happen to look at a CO the wrong way or he just happens to be having a fucked up day or morning.

When you’re Black, you can almost be certain that whatever you went to jail for will be far from the last thing that you’re charged with and that’s while you’re still inside the joint.

Look at Bobby Shmurda.

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