Lala & The Knicks Deserve Better than Melo’s Self-Destructive Bullshit

The one thing you know when you’re about to put your dick in a stripper is to put a rubber on.

And I’m not maligning that particular profession.

On one level it’s hilarious that muhfuccas will pay good cash to see naked ladies shake it when most of the dudes have wives and there are videos of bitches taking multiple and massive cocks online for free.

But the implication that a woman’s modesty can be bought – Judaeo-Christian paternalistic bullshit, I know, but it’s the society that we all grew up in – casts as the seller of that modesty a maverick at best, a person of low moral fiber at worst.

And I’ve said it before, even straight up prostitutes are in the Bible so it’s not like “God” hasn’t allowed a place for them, but then what does it say about us that the highest value a woman possesses is her body?

All sidebar topics aside, the point is this: you’ve gotta be thinking I’m just a come up for this bitch.

You’ve gotta be thinking me getting this bitch pregnant would be the equivalent for her of winning the lottery and for me of losing my entire fortune on one roll of the dice.

Most importantly: you’ve gotta remember you’re married, nigga!

If we’re to judge people based on how they behave in any relationships, the respect they show their spouse would be the greatest indicator of who they really are.

And even tho I’m a hardcore believer that you should never cheat on your spouse, if, failing that, you do, then the least you can do is remember that it’s your failing and do everything in your power to keep it any and all evidence of it away from the person that you stood in front of The Lord and pledged allegiance to.

They say Carmelo Anthony got a stripper pregnant and that’s why his wife Lala is leaving him.

And you know what? That makes even his basketball career make sense.

Cause you keep wondering how a guy with all the tools and talent in the world, a guy that won a National Championship as a freshman at Syracuse and who really, arguably, might have been considered about equal with LeBron when they were first drafted 14 years ago, hasn’t put together anything in his career that would move him past his one career Conference Finals appearance.

Melo fucking thinks he can win on his own terms but like I’ve written before, winning comes with its own terms and Jordan, LeBron and everybody else that eventually won had to learn those terms first and then they were allowed to win.

Thing is, the conditions for winning usually involve doing the thing you least like doing.

Growing up, I was the sloppiest kid anyone knew, now I clean toilets to make money while writing the hottest content available to be read anywhere.

I’m winning.

Carmelo has refused to play defense, refused to pass, refused to remain faithful and even refused to cheat in a way that would prove he’s got 1/2 a brain so now he returns to the market a bad big titty redbone with a big ass and a mouth that would make you watching her do a bukkake scene ruin your home computer.


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