When Hoteps Kill

On the one hand, it’s almost refreshing to see one of you guys come down from your – and this is gonna be absolutely the worst pun of all time – “Ivory Tower” and actually do something, on the other, stronger hand, I shouldn’t be surprised that when one of you does come down, it’s something that’s predictably the laziest, easiest and most psychotic thing imaginable.

Fresno’s Kori Ali Muhammad goes on a shooting spree proving, of course, that he’s not, like most hoteps, “all talk”, but then what’s the sense of being about that action of this is the kinda action you’re about?

Nigga, we need a Garvey!

Nigga, we need businesses to support.

Nigga, we need schools, something akin to Hebrew schools but with black-affirming self-esteem on the agenda.

What we did not need is one of you muhfuccas proving that you can be just as crazy as white people – is that the new thing? Steve Stephens anyone? – and going on a shooting spree killing three ostensibly innocent white people.

I mean, even without any action, you muhfuccas are usually annoying enough.

Unlike the actually enlightened or even those who through their humility and grace, you might suspect actually are anointed to be “poor, righteous teachers”, your average hotep likes to lord over those he considers to be – and this is the big point – not his intellectual inferiors, but his informed inferiors.

So what you get, in the end, is a buncha muhfuccas that all watched “Hidden Colors” like it was their favorite porn clip and then hit the streets with angry one-track minds looking to people to preach at and denounce.

Nobody wants to hear that shit.

The purpose of attaining information is to apply it not to use it as a bludgeon against people not similarly informed.

After you know, you’re supposed to know better.

And the fact that Mr. Muhammad was also a rapper doesn’t help Hip Hop, hoteps, or anyone else.

Like I wrote in my post about that kid that got killed in Chicago, unless you’re Biggie or Pac level, nobody laments the loss of another rapper.

If dude had been a surgeon that snapped there could have at least been some confused concern.

Everybody already expects rappers to be half crazy anyway so a hotep rapper gone astray seems, in the end, just about right.

Even still, there are examples of hotep rappers that actually went on to do some good; look at Mahershala Ali.

That could have been your example, Mr. Muhammad.

Instead you chose Colin Ferguson.

And I know I read sometimes like I actually endorse Colin Ferguson but that’s only because I find that loony muhfucca so crazed as to actually be comical – who can ever forget that nigga defending himself in court and saying to people on the stand “Can you point to the man that shot you?” and them saying “You!” – but the truth is, from what I’ve learned of his intellect, Mr. Ferguson was just another wasted mind that could have and should have actually be in service to his people instead of his rage.

And that goes for you too, Kori.

Killing is so pathetic and lame and – you’re gonna hate this – American, that I’d have way rather seen you in some electric silver boots and wearing one of those Grand Verbalizer hats sounded by a bunch of similarly clad mates reading haltingly from the bible as I passed on the street smiling but shaking my head.

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