When a White Boy Gets Your Dream Girl Pregnant

With so much animosity and division between Black men and women it’s kinda a miracle that niggas ever get together long enough to make more of us.

But maybe that’s the point.

Maybe it’s in and with anger that Black people fuck.

That could also be why non-Blacks think we’re so good at it.

But case in my original point, you need look no further than the reaction yesterday to the news that tennis superstar Serena Williams was pregnant to be able to tell that our men and women ain’t exactly simpatico.

From Black women, there was a deafening roar.

From Black men, nary a peep.

I mean, there were some Black dudes, you know the type, the ones that still think the best way of getting pussy  is being nice, that were congratulatory, but the rest of us were, well, pissed.

And to pretend that this hostility had nothing to do with the impregnator’s (made up a word) race would be disingenuous.

I don’t even exclude myself from that, but like I wrote the first time I addressed the subject, my problem wasn’t that Serena was fucking with ‘a’ white boy, but with ‘that’ white boy and then I subsequently gave a list of far more credible white candidates I didn’t think anybody would be able to front on.

To me, she wasn’t as bad as OJ picking up white trash Nicole or Tiger marrying a nanny, but she was close.

The dude, Alexis Ohanian, a reddit co-founder or some shit, ain’t exactly broke, but is he worthy of the greatest tennis player to ever play?

But love conquers all, I guess.

And that, I think, is the ultimate point.

See, I don’t think too many niggas were really tryna fuck with Serena Williams.

I mean, that ass is crazy and she’s in nobody’s ballpark of ugly despite this absurdist Tweet sent, unsurprisingly, from some chick:

But would a busy Serena have time to baby a nigga?

Too many of us suffer from the old “If you pay me now, I’ll work” mentality.

Like you should get your muscles before going to the gym.

Similarly, the niggas for whom losing Serena to this white boy constitutes some breech in our vulnerable wall of blackness are the type dudes that:

  1. Expected to get a Serena Williams before being on her level
  2. Probably have a bad bitch somewhere in their atmosphere that they can’t even recognize for their eyes being blinded by the stars

And this thinking extends and is the reason that so many niggas chase nonsense like rap careers because rappers are the ones they see with money while the real money’s always made by white men they don’t see.

Not only that, the reason that the alleged “dearth” of Black scientist programmers and engineers is highly over-exaggerated is because our Black asses are to be encouraged to chase rap and basketball careers rather than realize where far more substantial and eternal paper can be found.

And my heart bleeds for you if you really are some nigga out there who, from the first time you heard her interview till watching her every match and cheering her every move, really did think you and Serena were Plato’s divided soulmates, but the likelihood is, homie, you’re just some psycho stalker.

Meanwhile, my man Booker T. would tell the rest of us to “cast down your buckets where you are.”

There’s a lot of good Black women out there.

Grab one and let’s get to making this money.

Serena Williams being pregnant is just one less distraction.

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