What Would Biggie Say About Tyga’s New Piece?

Stripper or not, I thought it was a solid Colored move when Tyga – who I think sucks, who does suck and don’t @ me – impregnated Blac Chyna because she was, at least, a fellow Negro.

Y’all can let them Black bitches scream all they want in celebration of Serena Williams and any other nappy headed ho that marries or gets pregnant by some cracker – and Lord knows when the last time I used that word was??? – but let some nigga turn up on the arm of a routinely basic white ho and it’s lights out! (anybody seen lately the corpse of the once beloved Omari Hardwick?)

Double standards positively abound with the ladies so Tyga, in a move reminiscent of Barack Obama and one that was certainly shrewd since his occupation is Hip Hop and his own lineage ain’t 100% African (moms is like Thai or some shit, I think), pulled a move that even Drake could better learn from and solidified his standing as a card-carrying member of the Black community.

Then he did something even blacker – read: “dumber” in this particular instance – and ran off and got with a Kardashian.

Them hoes seem to be rites of passages for niggas.

And notice how it’s always, as Robin Harris would say, “the man next to the man”?

It ain’t Hov, it’s Kanye.

It ain’t Kobe, it’s Lamar Odom.

It ain’t LeBron, it’s Tristan Thompson.

It ain’t Chris Brown…

And now Tyga’s apparently gotten with Jordan Ozuna 

a real chick this time (except for some funny shit with her lips) and Black (female) Twitter couldn’t be happier.

Fuck y’all.

Get this straight: y’all made them Kardashian bitches.

Don’t turn around and hate em now.

Don’t no dudes I know even fuck with em like that.

It was y’all that originally embraced Kim, y’all that watched all their stupid shows, y’all that followed their every move, and now that it’s finally occurred to y’all that they’re stealing every halfwit nigga with two dimes to rub together you wanna turn around and decide you’ve had enough?

Too late.

Y’all are stuck with them hoes.

Niggas don’t even be aware of all the Yesjulz’s and Amber Roses that you truck-headed Black bitches feel some type of bizarro empathy toward.

It’s y’all that put them on our radar then after we finally shrug and admit that, “Yeah, I guess I’d fuck that ho,” you turn around and say, “Look at you! Can’t wait to fuck some white girl!”

Tyga, on the other hand, and who, by the way, this entire post was supposed to be about before I got sidetracked and just decided on a general and random rant, must enjoy for once (maybe the first time ever) putting his dick in something genuine.

I mean, even Blac Chyna had Mo Cheeks added (bad pun, I know, but… shit, it’s my blog, I’ve been waiting to use that one and now I did).

And, as we know, nothing is organic on ex Kylie Jenner – not even the name; that belongs to some bitch with a dick.

Personally, as much as I loathe Black women, I’m a fan for Black Love.

Like I always write, you got a Black bitch on your arm, you can get away with anything, look at Dez Bryant.

So my bet is that if the Notorious B.I.G. himself, a man who I’m gonna guess is probably a God to Tyga, were to take one look at this new piece especially in comparison to his last two, he’d conclude that Tyga might finally be “On the road to riches and diamond rings…”

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