I Thought Airline Travel Was Supposed to be Safe!

Richard Pryor has a great joke about his boxing days.

If you know the sport, you know that there are certain fighters that kinda “pop” themselves with their gloves to either desensitize themselves to pain or to wake themselves up a little.

Well, in Pryor’s joke, he’s about to face just such a fighter and he’s shook.

So much he says about the guy, “He don’t give a fuck about me! He’s kicking his own ass!”

(5:29 mark)

Similarly, it was cute when I could dismiss United Airlines dragging Dr. David Dao as just some random, everyday shit non-whites should expect, but now that this muhfucca on American Airlines done fucked around a pushed a white lady with a baby in hand, I’m shook.

Understand: like with Pryor’s point, the rest of us are doomed in America if white women ain’t even safe.

America was founded with the protection of white women in mind.

Luckily, some golf shirt-clad hero who still apparently believes in truth, justice and the sanctity white womanhood stepped forth to step to the dude that had attacked the fair maiden.

Now, the one thing upon which we can agree with the bald-headed dude that carried out the assault is that, like we can overhear him saying to our hero, we don’t know what happened.

But whatever it was, with the lone possibility that the woman was in the process of trying to kill or maim her own child, I can’t envision a scenario that would justify an airline employee attacking a customer even – and this is a big one for our Joe Mixon sympathizers out there – if she attacked him.

The reason “the customer is always right” is a business ethos is because if the customer should, even for a minute, ever be made to feel wrong, he or she is likely to simply take their business elsewhere.

That’s capitalism.

And while the simplistic attempt for an explanation for this sort of behavior on anyone’s part would be to quickly dismiss it as just another outbreak of making America great again, what I think we’re actually seeing is evidence of an even greater illness than the symptoms are indicating.

Something I think I’d like to call Trumpheimer’s disease.

See, woefully inept as he is in the nation’s highest office, Trump is at least, if you factor in getting yourself elected President solely to turn a profit – which I know y’all know he did – a terrifically savvy businessman.

So what we’re actually seeing with this influx of violence against non-whites and the new trend in rape and the mistreatment of women, is a backlash in hostilities that certain white men must have held pent up for a while now and are using the election of Trump to release.

How long before they, like the greater majority of Black people eventually had to realize under Obama, come to understand that things are not fundamentally different?

How long before they, like the greater majority of Black people eventually had to realize under Obama, come to understand that Trump won for himself and not for his voters?

And how long before they come to realize that if they make adversaries out of even their women, the word “minority” best applies to them?

Probably not until it’s too late.

They call that period when Alzheimer victims become almost normal right before they croak “Terminal Lucidity.”

And it’ll probably be only when we see the segment of the population affected with Trumpheimer’s crying and begging forgiveness like Jimmy Swaggart, that we’ll know that they know it’s the end.

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