How Slaves Look When Massa’s Black

Trust, there was more than fear of murder that kept the slaves of the antebellum South in place.

There was also the question of sustenance.

I mean, what were you supposed to eat if you made a break for it?

That nuts and berries shit was literally for the birds.

And could you kill? Did you know enough to hunt?

This perceived helplessness without the guiding hand of Massa was not only exploited in full by Massa, but actively encouraged by none other than.

And for all you muhfuccas out there that swear you couldn’t be no slave, I’d counter that you would have certainly been a slave and for life if you’ve:

  1. Worked the same job for more than ten years
  2. Never even tried to start your own business
  3. Never went away to college or the military
  4. Never lived outside your hometown or state
  5. Never went to jail

I know the part about jail probably seems counterintuitive, jails being proponents of modern day slavery, but with the exception of the multiple cases like Kalief Browder, if you’re been to jail, you’ve at least shown a streak of rebelliousness.

And again, the above list just documents the types of people that would have made an attempt toward freedom.

If you’ve got a job that you’re working right now that you hate, guess what?

So, in short, we’re almost all slaves, at least to Capitalism, to the almighty dollar and our enslavement extends to the limits of what we’d do before we decide we’ve had enough and must flee.

For some it’s simply take shit.

For others, it’s, well, take dick.

So let me give props to Melanie “Scary Spice” “Mel B” Brown on one thing: when she controlled the ducats making her the Massa, she did what a lotta niggas woulda done which was enslave to her cash some bananas hot ass German ho named Lorraine Gilles, but unlike most male niggas who clearly don’t know how to be Massas, she ain’t turn around and marry the bitch, she just fucked her and ragged the pussy out.

The Tiger Woods’ and OJ’s of the world could learn a lot form her and, of course, the great Arnold Schwarzenegger.

And this, of course, is all alleged anyway.

Now, make no mistake, Mel B is beyond fine herself.

Who knows what the fuck went through Eddie Murphy’s mind after getting this bad bitch pregnant that made him decide to leave her and the baby.

Lord knows they’d hafta surgically remove my dick from inside her.

But now her and her current husband, some nut that named himself after a Belafonte, are getting divorced.

Another maniac.

For one, like I said, Mel B is fine as fuck.

For two, she used to not only encourage him to fuck the white ho, but film it!

Personally, if Mel B was my wife, when I came home and saw that she intended to make that fine white thing into our new nanny, I’d have pulled her over into a corner and stage whispered, “Have you lost your muhfuccin mind? The very first time you leave me and this bitch alone together, when you come back, you’ll find my hand behind her head!”

As for the German bitch herself, who’s filing a anti-defamation suit against Mel B, she might have a case.

It’s a bad breakup all around and Mel dissed everybody.

But as for the sex, the German can’t complain there.

She coulda quit.

I mean, it’s not like real slavery, Rick James and chains were involved.

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