Shea Moisture Goes for Broke

Somebody needs to explain Capitalism to y’all muhfuccas.

Somebody needs to explain that if you own a business, you want everybody either owning or tryna own your shit.

That’s why that idiot from Cristal probably feels it right now, dissing the Black market, acting like rappers and other niggas weren’t the type of business he wanted, like our money had funny faces on it and could only be spend in certain Arab-owned bodegas in the hood.

With 1.1 trillion in buying power, good for 15th if niggas were just a nation unto ourselves, you’d think we wouldn’t be exploited and humiliated by companies but would be treasured, pampered and loved.

But we’re like the proverbial fools who, once disrespected by the store owner, try to prove our “worth” by buying the most expensive shit that the store has for sale.

And now, absurdity of all absurdities, Richelieu Dennis and the staff at Black-owned Shea Moisture have said to themselves, “Well, shit: most companies that niggas patronize don’t even have Black board members, let’s reach out and try to grab some of that white cash.”

And as opposed to applauding their ingenuity and moxie, we’re mad because we think that they should be so small-minded as to only market and sell to us?


But, ok, let’s make it cool.

Let’s imagine that this should be the case.

For it to work, put down those Jordans my nigga cause Mike don’t own those.

Don’t drive that Benz my man, that’s a Nazi car.

Who made your jeans, Love?

Farrah Skinny?

Paige Denim?

Seven of All of Mankind?

Guess what?

Worse yet, who actually buys Hip Hop music?

If you read my post from earlier today, you know that one sure sign that if you’d been born a slave, you’re not the type that would have died one is that you’ve at least tried to start your own business.

Well, you be the fool that, like the comic in Paul Beatty’s The Sellout, turns away good white paying customers because his brand of comedy is “our thing”.

You be the fool to determine that one type of money is “better” than another or that it’s origin is more organic.

You be the writer or the filmmaker that slaps your book outta white hands or stands in the doorway like George Wallace at the University of Alabama and literally bars whites from entering to check out your flick.

Now, I could understand if your beef was that you felt that Shea Moisture was taking for granted it’s Black market in pursuit of new markets, and of all the things I’ve read, I did see one comment that suggested they were changing their base formula in this pursuit.

If that’s the case, oops!

That’s brick-dumb, Shea Moisture.

If it’s not the case, then be happy that somebody’s at least trying to put the shoe of exploitation on another foot or a change.

I don’t know about y’all, but proud HBCU alumni that I am, I never did understand why the NCAA Final Four was never Hampton, Grambling Morehouse and Virginia State.

Or why nobody barked on the schools that otherwise wouldn’t have considered kids good enough as pure students the same kids that they took in to make them millions from the basketball court.


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