Elizabeth Thomas’ Perv Abductor Wanted to Get Caught

Even by my absurd standards – I think the age of consent should be 16 and I’ll go into it in a few – Tennessee teacher Tad Cummins is a perv.

I mean, even though the girl he kidnapped through seduction, Elizabeth Thomas, was only a year younger than 16, shit, you start making exceptions backwards and pretty soon you’ll be justifying fucking a newborn.

And I, for one, don’t take the double-standard.

It’s just as fucked up when the chick teachers do it as when the dudes do it, it’s just that we’re always supposed to think that males are the beneficiaries of sex which, if you paused to wonder why so many female teachers fuck young male students, you’d realize that the female teachers are either getting or after something.

But this fool, Cummings, this sicko, runs off with what I’m sure he thought was his “hot” 15 year-old student, fucks her like he married her and she was of age and didn’t even bother to try to leave the country.

That’s how you know he knows he was on some bullshit.

If he was even gonna try to forward the claim that he and that young girl were – don’t I always mention this one? – Plato’s Symposium-based soulmates, then his plan would have been more defined, comprehensive and he’d have played it to win.

Believing that American law was so archaic as to never understand the veracity of their love, he’d have taken his young thing somewhere where that love could have flourished.

He’d have made a break to some European country, dummied up some documents and forged a lot of shit.

He’d have a life already anticipated or even set up, planning on true marriage, fatherhood and longevity.

Instead, he went out like your boy William Holden’s charcter from Network,  just an old muhfucca, afraid of dying, trying to make one last fling pop off to prove he’s still got it or got something, and then it doesn’t matter what the fuck happens; maybe he’ll find some old broad and settle down, maybe he’ll jack off to infinity, shit, even jail would be cool after that point.

And it’s jail his ass deserves and gonna get.

And make no mistake, where he fucked up was fucking that teenage girl in the first place and he knew it.

He couldn’t just do it and stop.

She controlled the narrative then and could have his ass locked.

He also had to sell her on her maturity just to do it.

Tell her she was a “woman”.

Tell her she was making “mature choices”.

Tell her that he loved her.

So his insecure ass stole her youth just because his insecure ass happened to be an insecure ass.

Now, like I said, I personally believe the age of consent should be 16 and I’m probably biased because that’s when I lost my virginity.

Still, I do find it a bit maddening that you’ll let a muhfucca drive something at potentially fatality-inducing as an automobile at 16, yet won’t consider them an adult for another two years.

Worse yet, even after those two years have passed and they are an adult – can die for their county and all – they still can’t drink?

All this shit is simply a case of the state trying to take the place of parents.

A little uniformity is indeed in order.

And as for Tad Cummins, all the Viagra popping in the world couldn’t bring that pig’s psyche no peace.

Consider that when caught he went ahead and said, “I’m glad this is over.”

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