Are the Conspiracy Theorists Right About Cosby?

From the beginning, my chief knock on Dude was that he’d cheated on his wife.

The only thing I now regret was suggesting that these abuse and rape allegations were karma for all the wild shit he said against “lower-economic Blacks” buying Jordans and naming their kids crazy names because, as turns out, those are the same positions I’ve taken right here on my blog although while I only bashed the practice, Cosby bashed the practitioner.

And maybe that’s the true motivation behind those charges.

Cosby taking it upon himself to try to “correct” the Negro.

Lord knows, the Liberal Agenda only allows Negro improvements that they themselves sanction.

Still, with each new accuser, the evidence seemed more and more damning.

But where were they all coming from?

And why now?

So I watch the guy –  he’s currently claiming he’s blind – get led around by his “handler” with that smirk on his face, always that smirk, of somebody that finally understands how foul “they” really are.

And is that what happened?

Did this learn him?

Most of us know that the first conspiracy theorists to tackle the Cosby situation swore that he was only a Black man being framed because he had intended to buy NBC and the bigots in charge would never let a Black man make a power move of that magnitude.

They pointed to all the sketchy attributes surrounding his son’s Ennis’ death and tied up a nice package of racism, intrigue and murder.

But now that Michael Jordan actually owns an NBA team and Derek Jeter’s Black ass just won a bid to buy the Florida Marlins, it seems like preventing Black men from making power moves may have never been taken to so extreme and extent.

Of course, those conspiracy theorist would probably argue back that Jeter’s light complexion and the fact that Jordan left his Black wife for a white-ish Cuban woman makes each man more controllable.

The Umar Johnson’s of the world – and yeah, I know I just lost credibility with a lot of y’all by even mentioning that dude – even argue that a lot of the white women of Black stars are actually “sent” to him.

Or is this all, as conspiracy nuts would ultimately argue, part of “mind control”?

Even when considering stuff like the fact that most of us had been convinced that Dave Chappelle left his successful show to go to Africa and smoke crack or the astonishing amount of people that believe that Beyonce is part of the Illuminati, if it’s said enough times, we’ll start to believe it.

Sure, you’d have to take Dave’s word that he wasn’t smoking crack in Africa, but Beyonce in the Illuminati should be prima facie absurd if only because the Illuminati are supposed to lead us toward The Devil, while Beyonce’s made songs encouraging Black women to marry, she single-handedly resuscitated interest in the Black Panthers, she’s been front and center in the Black Lives Matter movement, and she recently started a scholarship program.

So Illuminati?


But, like I said, sex, even consensual, between Bill and all those chicks is fucked up because he was married.

Drugging might be fucked up too if he really did “slip” it to them or it knocked them out completely.

But did he straight, take-the-pussy “rape”?

Does it matter?

Cosby’s been spun as a rapist, so that’s what he is now, regardless of the truth.

Don’t believe me?

Think of how little you hate Trump now compared to how much you hated him in the beginning.

Then wonder why that is.

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