Amelia Molitor Got Over CRAZY

Back in the days, who hit first determined who was at fault for a fight.

Didn’t matter what was said.

You knew that “sticks and stones” could break your bones and words could never hurt you.

Now, when it comes to women hitting men, as in the case of Amelia Molitor who hit recently drafted Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon first, we have to apply different standards.

I’m guessing – because I’ve still never heard anyone assign the possibility of even partial fault to Ms. Molitor – that it was determined that the volume of her blow was too insignificant to matter.

So the question becomes: what if she had knocked him out?

I ask that because since my very first post on this subject I’ve been waiting for feminists to come rushing forward to defend Joe Mixon by arguing that it’s just as wrong for a woman to hit a man as it is for a man to hit a woman.

That should, of course, be the true feminist perspective.

From where I stood, I, as a chauvinist, was the only one with a right to be critical of young Mr. Mixon.

I believe women are the fairer sex and shouldn’t be beat upon.

I’m even chivalrous; I open the door for bitches, pull out chairs for hoes, and pay if I’m on a date with some skeezer.

Yet I’m left to imagine that had Amelia Molitor been a black belt in karate and had floored poor Joe, not only would the video have been released immediately, but it would have made SportCenter’s NOT Top 10, blew up on social media, been given a funny audio track and there would have been coaches jokingly doubting that they could draft a football player that couldn’t take a punch from a girl.

It’s doubtful Joe would have gone to the police or the University seeking recompense and there almost certainly wouldn’t have been a need for a financial settlement on his behalf, like the one that young Joe recently had to forfeit to Ms. Molitor.

Never mind the precedent this will no doubt set for certain women who, should they see some big time athlete, might just decide to pop one upside the head on the mere chance that he’ll strike back.

Could you imagine some Black chick going upside Tom Brady’s head a couple of times?

Or is that a component of it too?

Lord knows that for years the feminist movement has been positively rife with accusations of racism, could it be indeed the fact that Mr. Mixon decided to retaliate against a white girl that’s gotten him into so much hot water whereas if Tom Brady were being attacked by a typical fake-haired, fake-nailed gorilla nigger bitch named Shaneequa, folks would be more ready to understand him feeling the need to protect/defend himself?

Either way, THIS IS WRONG.

Double standards are precisely what feminism is supposed to oppose.

And this particular one allows women to simply do anything and always be right.

It’s why “slut-shaming” is criticized and if a man cheats, he’s a monster but if a woman cheats, her man wasn’t fucking her right.

Accountability has gone out the window.

Just like how the LGBT movement seemed to go from wanting indifference, to wanting acceptance, to seemingly wanting enthusiasm.

Now, if some homo hops up on a stage and declares before the world that he’s a fag, if you don’t clap, you’re in fucking trouble.

Used to be that everybody – feminist and the LGBT included – simply wanted to be treated the same.

Looks like that’s changed.



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