The Murder of Jordan Edwards Could be the One that “Does It”

Like almost every other Black man in America, I’m a pussy.

If some nigga so much as stepped on my shoe, I’d be ready to gut him like a fish, but if some white cop killed my mama and my grandmother, the best I could do would be cry like a baby and look for somebody to help me set up a rally.

This is, as you know, how we do.

Still, every once in a while, not such much lately, but throughout slavery, again hard body in the 60s, not too ancient historically in LA because of the beating of Rodney King, and of course, in Missouri very recently because of the murder of Mike Brown, niggas get fed up with the bullshit and decide to tear shit up if only to remind muhfuccas that, shit, everybody’s got a breaking point and, as Dr. King famously said, “There comes a time when people get tired of being trampled over by the iron feet of oppression.

Well, the shooting of 15 year-old Jordan Edwards in his suburban hometown near Dallas just might provoke that time if American law enforcement takes it’s typical approach to the murder of a nigga; which is to say, it’s good, so long as it’s done.

In almost every other case, we’re always instructed to imagine how the cop must have felt.

How hard it is to do his or her job and how terrifying it must be to encounter as deranged a group as niggas everyday.

It always, of course, helps if the murdered man woman or child has been arrested and it’s an absolute bonanza if he, she, or it has a criminal record.

But even without those things, a furtive movement, an unreadable gesture, bad lighting, anything can be seen as justifiable cause for not only fear, but murder, which should cause some to wonder not only if cops are always alone when they encounter these psychotic unarmed people usually laying face down on the concrete or with their hands high above their heads, but since these cops are seemingly always claiming fear, where on earth did the police department find such an infinite supply of cowards?

As Shaun King writes, not only was young Mr. Edwards 15, but a straight-A honor student in a car driven by his 16 year old brother – that his brother had been given permission by their parents to drive – attending party where nobody had been drinking or smoking and, countering the first ridiculous¬†report that the officer that had shot into the car had only done so because the car was backing up toward him and fellow officers “in an aggressive manner”, now we learn that the car was actually driving away!

This is – if you’re ghoul enough not to have any caring or concern for the poor shattered family of young Jordan Edwards and actually wanted such a thing – what we’ve all been waiting for!

It’s innocence porn!

Every fucking police-sanctioned murder of a Black person since and including Mike Brown has been justified including, amazingly, the fact that young Tamir Rice’s toy gun “looked” real, and, although not related to real police but the Absurdity Mother-of-Them-All, the armed stalking, provoking and ultimate killing of Trayvon Martin by a maniac named George Zimmerman.

Justice absolutely cannot be denied Jordan Edwards.

Or can it?


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