Rachael Malonson is as Black as Lupita &… Hey, Didn’t I Make this Point Already???

Look you fucking bozo-ass, demented fucktards, get this trough your heads: there’s no such thing as biracial.

And I just fucking wrote about this shit.

It fucking pisses me off that I have to write about it again.

I feel like school teacher or some shit.

“Biracial”, as I explained before, I just some bullshit white people made up to try to gradually start taking certain niggas away from us.

At first, they wanted us all to believe that having as little as one Black great-grandparent made you Miles Davis, now, like I wrote in another post, they’re tryna make niggas like Steph Curry biracial, claiming some kinship with “light-skinned” Blacks and, if this shit I was reading in the New York Times is on point, about to make overtures to just about everybody who’s not midnight blue.

White people, birthrates low as fuck, are so panicked and desperate and afraid of becoming in the minority – the ‘D’ day of which, I think, is now 2045 – that all but Africa’s children; and even some of them, are being redubbed ‘white’ and placed on the front line to guard against the constant and incessant encroachment of the Black horde.

And I say, great. Do what you want, but nothing’s gonna stop it now.

Except you fucking idiots.

White people try to con you by making up some bullshit term like “biracial” and then telling you “they’re not really Black” and your stupid asses go right on along with it as if they wouldn’t have been in chains too and you don’t remember the law.

Now, if we were to be as foolish as to give up and turn over Blacks with one white parent, we’d be as stupid as the his team would be to bench Kevin Durant because somebody argued that he wasn’t a real Warrior because he wasn’t “drafted” by them.

Well, how bout this: nobody was “drafted” into Blackness.

“Blackness”, in reality, doesn’t even fucking exist.

But since the whites that got thrown out of Europe for being degenerates and landed on this particular rock are so loony that they actually invented a legal statute called “race”, then let’s play by the original rules, fuckers.

Y’all gave us anybody with any nigger blood at all and you know what?

We’ll keep ’em!

We’d be fools to give up Bob Marley because you muhfuccas like his music.

(pay close attention to the first lyrics after the chorus)

Now – and I ranted way long, I’m sorry, let me get to the point (btw, I’m not even usually into light-skinned girls but absurdity trumps preferences so) – Rachael Malonson, some redbone who looks jive thick from the University of Texas was named Miss Black University of Texas and some muhfuccas are flipping out.

Here’s the thing: what can be of issue is whether or not she’s the hottest Black bitch UT had to show for themselves over the course of the last academic year.

What cannot is whether or not she’s Black.

She has a Black parent, she’s Black.

Being fool enough to take away a whole of one of our people because of a single member of their parentage is like chucking away $10 bills cause them shits ain’t twenties.

Them shits is still money.

And shit, as few as one Black great-grandparent – or $2.50 which is also still money – and your ass is still Black.

AND you’re of value.

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