The Problem With T-Shirt Politics

If there was one good thing about the jersey era – which ended, of course, when Jay Z’d had enough of it – its that when you wore a jersey, you were showing your support.

Yes, LeBron, I like the guy. Hence, I’m wearing a shirt that is a likeness of his own official team uniform with the Cleveland Cavaliers and promoting this enchantment by walking around as thus.

Now, in this cynical era of “bash everything, support nothing” antagonism has become the leading proof of enlightenment.

How easy is it to imagine this becoming a top seller?

And, of course, the problem if you have any foresight whatsoever is that you can imagine that your trek throughout your daily routine becomes considerably tougher when you’re wearing something that gives offense whether than promotes or is neutral.

Some Golden State Warriors fan might hit you with a “I think we got y’all this year” as you walk in your LeBron shirt which you can either choose to engage with a, “Think so? LeBron’s on another planet right now! See that shit he did last night against Ibaka?”

Or, if you’re in a hurry, you can simply dismiss with a “We shall see”.

Meanwhile, If you’re wearing a more typical bashing T shirt, it’s easier to imagine some asshole who just won’t let whatever’s offended him go, and wants to pursue it and you to the point of exhaustion, terror and death.

Now, the first thing that came to mind to me when I saw the pic of the chick in the “Men are Trash” T-shirt was that she must have a fucked up relationship with her father.

Going further, you figure she’s essentially calling Dude biodegradable, because, trash or not, she grew from the nigga, but, as always, the loophole when bashing one thing of which there are only two is that the implication about the other is it’s undeniable quality.

Therefore, if “Men are Trash” then women must all be of some elevated level of existence which, ok, let’s let that rock, but believing this would suggest that there’d be some sort of female harmony and, uh, where’s that?

I’d go as far as to imagine that this particular chick, in the “Men are Trash” T-shirt knows personally some women out there that she don’t like.

So if all “Men are Trash” and there’s some women out there that you can’t fuck with, your world must be pretty small.

Meanwhile, never to be outdone, some idiot nigger came out with a “Black Women are Trash” T-shirt.

Now, not only is there no correlation between the wrongheaded generalization that “Men are Trash” and the spectacularly obscene and specific determination that “Black Women are Trash” but you can also bet your last money that the fool that proudly produced the “Black Women are Trash” T-shirt not only likely spends his time fawning over white women but also hating white men!

And yes, I know I’ve covered this – you’re like Oh, God, Dickie Bhee, please NO MORE with that topic! – but while in passing I’d eye the T-shirt (never looking into the face) of the boneheaded Black chick wearing the “Men are Trash”, it’d be hard to be on a stroll with your moms and see a nigga wearing the latter T-shirt and do or say nothing.

So either way you look ridiculous, one way more so than the other.

The chick, if she ain’t a lesbian and single and looking, isn’t exactly doing the equivalent of wearing Chanel No. 5.

The dude, well… he might catch a fade.


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