Why Women Cheat More than Men


To a fault, if you find some male whore out there in the universe and sit him down in a hypnotist’s chair to get to the root of his, er, “problem”, they’ll be one of two things that causes his promiscuity:

  1. He’s gay and refusing to come to terms with it
  2. He’s been hurt

And that’s it.

Men are simple.

The myth that all men cheat is exactly that – a myth – and was unsurprisingly started by women to throw us off their scents.

Like I’ve written before, the average man, and the above average man and just about every man sees attainments as a signal to move on to the next goal.

Few dudes are like Rocco from Key Largo who, when he couldn’t think of what he wanted, Humphrey Bogart summed it up by saying, “He wants more.”

But Rocco was also a megalomaniacal sociopath.

A regular dude, once he has a some sneakers, wants a car, once he has a car, wants a house, once he has a house, wants a wife and once he has a wife, wants some kids.

Some dudes wanna upgrade, but those are the insecure dudes.

And now we’re getting to where the women come in.

Don’t think I’m about to spare you hoes because I’m not.

But I will admit that of the two genders, nothing is done to make men insecure on the scale of the shit that’s done to make women insecure.

Shit, beauty itself is portrayed as something you can go out and buy.

Other women are you enemies.

And nobody’ll want you after you’ve had a kid.

Nobody’ll want you when they’ve met your friends.

Nobody’ll want you when they make more money.

Nobody’ll want you when they have better options.

And with all the Beyonces and Katy Perrys and their lookalikes in the world, nobody wants you period.

Women are right to believe that the whole world is a conspiracy to deprive them of their self worth but when you’re dumb enough to go along with that conspiracy, why think it’ll stop?

So they set out to prove themselves.

Got a good man at home?

What else (or who else) can I get?

And it’s not like they cheat the way men cheat.

Men are brutal and clumsy, oafish and stupid.

We’ve got guilty consciousness and 9 times outta 10 cheat as if deep down, we know it’s wrong and we wanna get caught.

But, like that old Chris Rock joke goes, men may lie more, but women tell the biggest lies.

His example of a woman’s lie was, of course, “It’s your baby.”

I write all this today because I saw some bullshit on Twitter about some book some Black chick wrote about how allowing her man “side chicks” was the way to get and keep a “good” Black man.

As a sidebar, she noted that she was “allowed” to have “boyfriends” but chose not to.

That’s when my inner ref threw the flag.

Cause if her fool of a husband really thinks that she’s knowingly letting him go out there and dick down anything he chooses (provided he’s honest about it) and she’s sitting at home waiting patiently for his return, he’s buggin’.

Shit, this nigga had two outside kids on her!

So when he finally catches her – and it’ll take just that – he’s gonna think back to whose suggestion it was that they have an “open” relationship, start piecing shit together like Chazz Palmintari at the end of The Usual Suspects and realize that she’s always been lighting his ass up.



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