Comey’s Firing Comes Straight Outta “Carlito’s Way”

A flaw in Nate Parker’s The Birth of a Nation was that he tried to make all the Black people good, so much so that he even had the boy who betrayed Nat Turner’s rebellion ultimately end up fighting against slavery as a member of the Union Army.

Somebody needs to explain to Mr. Parker that sometimes, pretty much all the time actually, a rat is just a rat.

And it doesn’t matter if that rat is Judas or Benedict Arnold or Kobe dry-snitching on Shaq, the fundamental flaw in the rat character is the all encompassing effort to have all his bases covered without ever having come to the plate.

This known, I wanna be disappointed that so many people are falling for the okie-doke of imagining that former FBI Director James Comey was fired because he was getting close the bottom of Russia’s ties with Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 Presidential campaign.

For folks to actually believe that Comey was “hot on the trail” of some damaging intel against Trump is to ignore the glaringly obvious detail of Comey’s involvement of getting Trump elected in the first place.

How can anybody forget that it was Comey himself pretty much on the eve of the election and in the eleventh hour and fifty-ninth minute that opened up a new investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use and deletion of classified emails; this after determining back in July that her handling of emails had been, at worst, “careless”?

Now, who can determine the exact impact that this flip flop from the nation’s top investigating agent had on the eventual election, suffice it to say that Trump is President and Hillary is not.

Still for a man, Republican like Mr. Comey or not, one would expect that his loyalties would lie with the man that hired him, one Barack Hussein Obama and that Mr. Obama’s interest and agenda would be, by proxy at least, his as well.

So that eleventh hour flip flop must have come as a shocking betrayal to not only Mr. Obama, but also to Ms. Clinton who, if we’re to trust her campaign promises, planned on being little more than “Obama’s third term”.

But not really.

See, like in The Godfather, betraying Hillary for Comey had been like betraying Michael for Tessio; it was the “smart” thing to do.

And loyalty ain’t often smart.

If you can feel change blowing in the wind and you’ve got any kind of survival instinct, it might be best to let it lead you to where you’ll keep on living.

Which brings us to Carlito’s Way:

Like Comey in terms of Hillary, Pachanga sensed that Carlito didn’t have it or at least didn’t have it any more so when he betrayed Carlito for Benny Blanco (from the Bronx!), he was only doing so for his own continued survival.

It was nothing personal.

Of course, when Benny Blanco (from the Bronx!) shot and killed Pachanga right after mortally wounding Carlito, he was actually showing how intelligent he was.

You can never keep a rat around.

If they’ll betray others for you, they’ll eventually betray you too.

And you don’t even necessarily have to be a gangster to know that.

You can be Donnie Trump (from Queens!)

Which, of course, means maybe you do have to be a gangster.

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