North West & The Upcoming Hilarity of Kanye Dealing with Boyfriends

You might think I get tired of being right all the time but you’d be wrong.

By now, I’m used to me.

And just for argument’s sake or, perhaps more realistically, to get it out of the way, I sure do hope North West’s first boyfriend is white just so Kanye can explain the delicacy of his position.

See, I told y’all, I been telling y’all, I always tell y’all that nobody hates a white man like a nigga that loves white women.

So it would be a real trip to be a fly on the wall in Dude’s house and watch this nigga tap dance around this issue that yes, Mommy’s white, but no, you can’t date no white boys.

Just the idea of some white dude dicking down Daughter Dear is way too much for these type cats to bear.

And what’s even funnier is the sexism involved.

See, these dudes also hate Black women – except their daughters.

So when they have sons and they send those boys out into the world, they send them out without a race.

They never expect them to, don’t want them do, and wouldn’t allow the little niggas to come home with no Black chick.

Mommy ain’t Black so that shoulda told yo ass I ain’t want them bitches in the house!

Daughter meanwhile, must feel her own position so odd that it almost seems precarious.

Daddy’s teaching her that she’s “special” and not like “other Black girls” cause, you know, she’s got the white Mommy and all, but she’ll meet and know of other Black girls that can even date white boys and she can’t?

How’s that?

I told y’all this interracial shit often made you irrational.

I also said that the least likely type nigga to actually hate white people is one that either doesn’t fuck with interracial relationships, or one that dated around the spectrum of races and by accident of fate simply landed in an interracial relationship.

If a nigga consistently chooses to date outside his own race, there’s some jealousy-based self-hate there that’s too obvious to ignore.

And I would give Kanye the benefit of that doubt – knowing that before Amber Rose, his dating history had been pretty much exclusively Black – were it not, of course (and I really hate to go back to mention this again) that one hideous line on “All Falls Down”.

You know, “The White man gets paid off of all of that”?

(2:50 mark)

See, all the way back at my great university, they taught that the flaw in the expression “The White man” was that it was both Singular & Exclusive.

This meant that there was not only one white male as monolith, but also that the possibility of manhood itself was exclusive to him.

So for Kanye to even use a term like that means that he believes that bullshit himself.

Therefore, with manhood out of the question for you, can you be blamed for hating (white) men?

I write all this because I was reading today how North West was out with Mom Kim and she has apparently already learned to scream at paparazzi “No pictures!

The question now becomes, will she make Papa proud by following in the Kardashian family way of dating only Black men?

Or will rebellion, teen angst, or straight up falling in love (with a white boy) bring back the “old Kanye” in a way that even we didn’t wanna experience him?

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