Who Benefits Most from the Nicki/Nas Hook Up?


Realistically, both of these two Queens rappers have the exact same public dating history.

They both started with nobodies; in Nas’ case, Carmen Bryan, a woman who, after giving him a daughter, weaponized her pussy against him, in Nicki’s case Safaree Samuels, an oddball-type character that looks like he should remain silent.

Then they both moved on to relationships with fellow musicians that, in each instance, were way beneath their scale.

In Nas’ case, Kelis; an interesting little ditty singer that was always one note away from wrecking your nervous system.

In Nicki’s case Meek Mill, who probably never will find out why he’s not included with names like Drake, Kanye, Future, Kendrick and J. Cole.

Now, Nas and Nicki are together.

Good for them.

But who is it better for?

Well, if you’re a long time Nas fan, you’ve probably suffered along with him because you knew your guy was a seeker.

Kept real, Nas is music’s foremost rap genius.

And by that I mean, whoever you put in front of him as far as categories, you might like Big’s flow better or think Eminem is better with words, say Hov spits that better overall gangsta/hustler/baller shit or think Pac kept it more conscious, Nas has been no less than second in all of those categories and, more than likely, first.

Nicki, on the other hand, is exactly the female MC we’ve always wanted.

We came close with Lauryn Hill as far as pure rap ability, iridescent beauty and Mother Earth sensibilities, but there was always the fear with Lauryn that when it came time to fuck, we might just get a lecture.

Even if Nicki wanted to talk, we’ve all seen the “Anaconda” video and would know enough to simply point her face in the other direction.

And Nicki can rhyme her ass off!

She’s the perfect female MC for this era of blurred lines between Hip Hop, R&B and pop.

The hurdles lie here: Nicki, even if we’re to believe it when she spit how she never fucked Wayne or Drake, has at least the two ex-boyfriends we know about and, if we’re to believe that deranged psychotic Gucci Mane, hit off him, Waka Flocka, and potentially a whole host of others.

Nas should be able to overcome that as a mere trifle however because not only is he an Elevated and Enlightened individual, but he’s also a Grown Ass Man and bullshit like “body counts” and other such nonsense is for kids.

Nicki will, however, have to deal with the fact that Nas is a true “artist”; meaning that he’s at best moody, at worst batshit bipolar insane.

It can and should work however because finally and for once, Nas is outfitted with a celebrity that, even if she doesn’t completely match his abilities (who could?) matches his Star Power and Nicki, her biological clock ticking and all, is with a man universally and correctly celebrated as a Legend.

Imagine being stuck during a lyric-writing session and the nigga in bed next to you wrote for Diddy, Will Smith, and the greatest dis record of all time.

Indeed, while it’ll be no more feeling like the weak-link couple whenever Nas and a date hang out with Hov and Beyonce or Will and Jada, the implied firepower behind anything Nicki comes out with for the duration of this relationship should be staggering.

So who benefits the most?


Why, Hip Hop of course!

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