Would You Ride for Your Friend if He Was On Some Fuckboy Bullshit?

Friendships go both ways.

When I was a manager, I used to tell my employees something similar, but during those times I’d say that being liked went both ways.

And to not be so concerned with whether or not people liked them without realizing that they had the power to either like or dislike people themselves.

But what probably bothers me the most about the recent situation in the Bronx where this complete asshole who tried to rob a street vendor, got thwarted, promised to come back with his boys, subsequently did and his boys proceeded to knock the vendor out and then hit him while he was laying prone and unconscious is that I can’t help but wonder about those particular friendships from every angle.

I mean surely, If one of my boys was being threatened and I mean, even if he’d done some bullshit that actually warranted him being threatened, I would try to, as a friend, protect him and see if an alternative to violence could be found.

The extent to which I’d protect him, I’m guessing, is probably in direct proportion to the extent to which he deserved to get his ass kicked.

If he was just out talking shit and somebody wanted it with him, I got his back totally.

If he’s out molesting children or some shit, the best I could do would be pray for him.

So I have to wonder exactly how it went down that whichever of the three between Enrique Foote, Octavious Profit and William Burgess tried to take a purse from the vending table of a 53 year-old immigrant and got shut down, he was able to recruit his two friends to come back and pummel the vendor.

What did the main one tell the other two they were going back to do?

Because surely, if they were his friends, they would have told him how ridiculous his idea sounded from the door.

We’re gonna do what?  Fight some dude that wouldn’t let you steal from him? Would you let somebody steal from you? So we’re gonna go fight somebody basically for doing what you or any other man would do?

And if your friend still insisted on that nonsense, it would be at that point that any reasonable person would reconsider that friendship.

And here’s where that other side of the friendship comes in:

Now they’re all caught.

If whichever was the guilty party was friend to his two buddies who helped him assault the vendor, he’d at least try to take the bulk of the rap.

Even if it meant lying, he’d explain to the prosecution that he’d told his friends they were going back to retaliate for a physical attack or that he’d told his boys he’d been out earlier with his girl and the vendor had said something untoward or that he’d told his boys that he’d been out earlier with his mom and the vendor had groped her; something.

The bottom line is, if he were a friend to his friends, he wouldn’t let his them face an equal amount of charges.

But what’s the chance of that, you think?

How much more likely is it that he’s thinking, Hey, now that we’re all caught, at least we’re going to jail together.

For the moment at least, Rikers Island is still open, and the word has always been about that spot that it’s best, if you can, to go in there deep.

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