Why Thot Groupies CAN’T Be DJs

As y’all know, the movie Almost Famous is in my Top 5 and even though it had all the red-hot young bitches of it’s day in staring and supporting roles including Bijou Phillips, Fairuza Balk, big booty Anna Paquin, Zooey Deschanel, and of course Kate Hudson as “Penny Lane” my pick for the hottest overall chick in the flick was then 43 year-old Frances McDormand who played the lead character’s mom under a series of house dresses and skirts that accentuated that round ass and thick legs.

Still, even though Almost Famous writer and director Cameron Crowe says that the role of “Penny Lane” was based on a music industry friend named “Pennie Trumble“, there were tons of rock-era hoes who got it in and got it on with any and as many musicians as they could find.

In this capacity, Bebe Buell is allegedly a legend.

Again still, one of the dope – they’re all dope, who am I kidding? – scenes in Almost Famous is when Bijou Phillips’ character gets hot at Patrick Fugit’s character for calling Penny Lane and her friends “groupies”.

Penny then makes a clear distinction between how she and her girlfriends get down and what a “groupie” does.

Not that the sexual part is that much of a distinction.

I mean, if you fuck a guy because he makes great music or if you fuck him because he’s famous for making music, you’re still fucking him.

But the motivation, however, does make a difference.

The “Band Aids” as Penny Lane calls her and her group of rock star fuckers at least add an aura of artistic interpretation and appreciation to their sexual appetites.

You’ve at least had to have made a hot song to get the pussy.

You would imagine them maybe not fucking somebody that was just as famous or maybe even more famous than some of the guys they ended up fucking just because they didn’t like the music.

In other words, these are the type girls whose faces Rick James probably wouldn’t have been able to lick.

So I’m not at all surprised that Amber Rose, who’ve I’ve always said was a thot, who’ve I’ve maintained that niggas should be ashamed of ourselves for celebrating, hosted a party recently in Miami and requested that the music of her “exes” not be played.

Keeping it all the way real, if that greasy bitch had requested that all the music of everybody she’s even tried to fuck not be played, the club would have been dead silent that night save for conversation.

Rose is, of course, famous for being the blonde, buzzed-cut bimbo that Kanye West rescued from the stripper pole.

Kardashian-shrewd, she knew enough not to leave limelight when Kanye pseudo-came to his senses and made the lateral move to Kim – who at least had her own money – and she married the very next rapper who’d take her in, Wiz Khalifa.

Now she’s with another rapper, French Montana, who, whore that he is, is probably, in fact, her just deserts.

The proof however of Ms. Rose’s rank whoredom is in her request.

Fuck Wiz Khalifa, he’s a (musical) bum anyway, you’re gonna try to party for a whole night in Miami and you ain’t got no fuckin’ Yeezy in your Serato?

So much for the possibility of that particular thot groupie actually being a Band Aid.

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