The “Justifiable” Killing of Terence Crutcher Makes You Wonder How America Still Stands

From what we’re led to believe about America’s founders, they would not brook any incursion on basic rights and dignities.

I mean, we’re talking about a group of men who fought a war because they found the notion that they were being taxed by the Crown in England without any elected delegates on hand in England representing their interests and perspectives.

So it’s hard to imagine that if these men were born again and this time found themselves niggas, they’d put up with the bullshit that masquerades itself as “justice” seemingly every time a Black man is shot down in the streets.

Of course, believers in inherent racial differences – I’ve grown tired of the word “racists” – would lead you into thinking that it’s simply not “in” niggas to rebel and organize or colonize and govern; ignoring Haiti, ignoring Hannibal in Italy or the Moors in Spain, ignoring, in fact, the greater part of pre-1500s history.


I’d argue that the reason that horrifically offensive and insulting nonsense like the acquittal of officer Betty Shelby who murdered Terence Crutcher in cold blood is tolerated is that America is a terrorist nation.

Now, I know that’s an old argument, but I don’t know if it ever been considered from it’s real perspective.

See, when we think of “terrorists” we think of people whose actions are external.

We think of bombers and snipers, people that behead and worship foreign gods.

We don’t however think of the way that our country has conditioned us to make us afraid.

That’s real terrorism.

And oddly enough, the greatest threat of this terrorism doesn’t even seem to be death.

Niggas die all the time; look at Chicago.

But strangely, even atheistic niggas seemed to be scared of whatever it is America holds over us to keep us in line.

Permanent banishment from white people, perhaps; our highest joy and greatest fear?

Lord knows, we could have left this bitch already if we hated it so much and we haven’t done that.

So no, it couldn’t be death, or even a vengeful God – that so many don’t believe in anyway – that America uses as it’s threat-based ace-in-the-hole.

What it actually uses, in fact, is The Store.

Karl Marx erred when he said that “Religion is the opiate of the people.” (italics added)

It’s actually the iPhone.

It’s Jordans.

LaVar Ball eventually hopes it’ll be Big Baller Brand, but in the meantime, it’s flat screens, BMWs and Versace.

It’s stuff, quite simply.

American stuff.

Or at least the stuff that you can get in America.

If you have any doubt that I’m wrong, all you have to do is think back to what George W. Bush told the American people to do in the immediate wake of 9/11: go shopping.

And that was nothing new.

Even the movie 12 Monkeys exploited that little bit of Americana.

So it turns out, if we really wanted to end the shooting of Black people, armed, unarmed and indifferent, by police that are altogether unconcerned with repercussions, all we’d have to do would be not spend any money whatsoever on the day after said cops’ acquittal(s).

Black people have 1.2 trillion dollars in buying power, good for 19th in the world if we were just a nation unto ourselves.

A day without any of our dollars would do damage to the American economy and show those terrorist what terror really is.

Will we do it?

Fuck no.

This ain’t Montgomery and Dr. King is dead.

Besides, I think somebody’s coming out with a new Value Meal.

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