They Might Have MADE Richard Rojas Crazy With the Way they Identified Him

It’s tragic to think that Richard Rojas’ maniacal drive through Time Square that cost the life of one and injured 22 might have possibly been caused by whatever blind, lazy or stupid jackass in Jacksonville, Florida filling out his arrest report noted inexplicably that he was not only “white” but “not of Hispanic origin”.

Because surely, when he went to meet with his public defender – that is, if he didn’t have his own personal lawyer, which I do doubt he had – and that defender, eyeing him carefully, was then asked by Mr. Rojas, “Yo, why the fuck you looking at me like that?” and the public defender was honest enough to say, “Because on your arrest report, they have you listed as not only ‘white’ but also ‘not of Hispanic origin'”, Rojas, already on the edge, might have gone off the deep end.

Understand, it takes a delicate balance of fear and religious conviction in the first place to be a non-white in America and not to lose your muhfuccin mind.

And the perpetual onslaught of not only anti-non white imagery, but also the blatant disrespect of shit like the murder of Black innocents by law enforcement which has caused the Black Lives Matter movement, can only have the effect of either drawing you closer and closer into that fear and conviction, or pulling you away from it.

It’s why, like I’ve written, when Tarantino famously had Leonardo DiCaprio’s character ask about the Black enslaved in Django Unchained, “Why don’t they kill us?”, I’ve always maintained that the real answer is and was not only that the enslaved simply wanted to no longer be enslaved and not necessarily be murderers, but also because the way we were taught Christianity during and since slavery, psychologically at least, the killing of a white person, any white person, could be viewed by a non-white as nothing short of killing Jesus himself.

I hate writer Richard Wright but in his book The Outsider, one of the few things with which I will agree with him is that it takes a special type of nigga, almost certainly an atheist, to kill a white man.

Now understand; I’m neither writing all this to defend nor justify Richard Rojas’ psychotic episode.

I’m only pointing out yet another of the issues that makes America a crazier country than any other of the face of the planet.

Never mind the countries thrown into poverty or fighting domestic civil wars because of destabilization caused by a history of having been colonized by some European power, if you simply consider that just among the alleged “civilized” world, America is the leader in worldwide gun violence and only follows Honduras, Venezuela, Swaziland, Guatemala, Jamaica, El Salvador, Colombia, Brazil, Panama and Uruguay overall, it’s clear that a history of genocide and enslavement has left indelible psychological scars on both white and non-white alike.

Rojas, a Navy veteran, actually knew that he was going crazy.

And who knows if being misidentified as “white” and “not of Hispanic origin” had the final effect or any effect at all on his psychological state?

Who knows if he even found out about it?

But given that “race” is in and of itself the looniest of American legal conditions and that all those not considered “white” are expected to be non-consenting victims of it, could not the desire to lash out against all be but a bi-product?

And shouldn’t we be not only wondering why ain’t there more Richard Rojas’, but actually waiting (nervously) for them to arrive?

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