After Manchester, Could a Hip Hop Concert be Next?

It’d be a good time for niggas to start chanting “Black lives don’t matter.”

Or, at the very least, we should finally be grateful that American racism has done such a spectacular job of making Black people seem less than human on a worldwide scale to the extent that anybody trying to send a message by killing us, like Salman Abedi, the alleged madman behind the bombing of the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester yesterday that killed over 22 people, would reconsider because he’d figure that nobody, not even us, would mind us being gone.

This is not to be callus about the tragic loss of life during yesterday’s concert.

This is simply a statement of related fact.

So no, you’re not very likely to see a bombing of any scale carried out at either a Hip Hop venue or any other venue populated by Black people or Black “sympathizers”, wiggers and the like, folks that would be the natural collateral damage of such an event.

Islam, which we’re to believe Mr. Adedi practiced and the extremist version, which we’re to believe was Mr. Abedi’s motivation, already knows we’re worthless.

So despite as much as I hate parroting George W. Bush when he held Trump’s current job, he was spot on when he postulated that the central goal of terrorism is to “affect our way of life.”

However, it ain’t our “freedoms” that muhfuccas are trying to shut down in this instance, it’s our dollars.

Capitalism being our “way of life” more than anything else, if you can actually scare people out of taking part in otherwise benign events like attending concerts, maybe going to the movies, and eventually, of course, even boarding public transportation, you put an irreparable dent in the “way of life” of those that perform at concerts, make movies, drive buses, and all the vendors, promoters, sanitation crews and peripheral employees.

And what kind of “religion” would wanna do that?

Shit, I live in a neighborhood where the Arab-owned bodega stores sell not only alcohol, but pork, shit that’s allegedly haram in Islam so don’t tell me that Muslims can’t be capitalists.

Nah, ISIS – whatever the fuck that is – just wants to run the world as bad as any other Lunatic Collective does and like Manifest Destiny-inspired Christians, they’re using the cachet of religion to try and go about it.

That’s why niggas should know never to believe it whenever America claims to be at war with some foreign power because it’s leader was “attacking his own people” as was the case recently in Syria and became the secondary claim (after the “weapons of mass destruction” lie had been debunked) for being at war with Iraq.

We’d have loved to have seen some foreign power come to our aid not only during the entirety of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the antebellum period, but also during the lynching and Jim Crow eras and maybe even a little bit today.

But nope.

We’re not worth it.

Who would do it?


Even when, during communism, they made their big push to recruit niggas, arguing to Black intellectuals like Paul Robeson that their way of life didn’t involve racism and was therefore “better” than capitalism, they were just using us as potential pawns against America.

So no, if something as demonstratively niggerish as Hip Hop concert were ever bombed, the only thing you could be sure of would be that it wasn’t “international” terrorists at work, but was like Oklahoma City, (some say) 9/11, and shit, maybe even Manchester, the result of an inside job.

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