If You Kill Somebody Over Your Cousin Getting Catcalled, You Got PROBLEMS

Not gonna say I agreed, but I did kinda understand when upon first report, it was made to seem like 18 year-old Branlee Gonzalez had beaten 69 year-old Lucia Bravo – who later died of his injuries – and 39 year-old Juan Caldron because the young woman they’d catcalled had been initially described as his girlfriend.

I understood because while if you catcall my girl while she’s alone you’re disrespecting her, if you catcall her while we’re together, you’re disrespecting me.

You’re essentially calling me a bitch.

You’re making it seem like you could do anything, potentially something worse that catcalling, and I’d just stand there.

In other words, you’re making her look and probably feel totally defenseless.

I remember once in a McDonald’s when I was with my Shorty du jour and this nigga complimented her on her boots.

Fat nigga.

Light-skinned and I’m sure, in his own mind, somewhat of a pretty boy.

I was high as a kite but had to sober up enough at least to asses the situation and realize that a clown like that wouldn’t have even the guts to open his mouth if he wasn’t deep.

Sure enough, he was with a whole clique that was seated.

Still, hoping to get some pussy for the evening and knowing that my dick would die a psychological death right there at that McDonald’s if I allowed that slight to go unaddressed, I called him out.

Ultimately, I had to negotiate with his friends, calling him the potential “weak link” that could drag down the whole crew and begging them should I get him outside to just let us rock alone.

Of course, Light-skinned and tubby wanted no parts of a one-on-one confrontation and backed off.

But… the initial gall!

If he hadn’t been tryna play me, then the correct way to go about what he had done would have been to address me first, then explain to Shorty that he liked her boots for whatever friend or lover he planned on buying some for.

To compliment her without even speaking to me was not only shooting his shot, but doing it in my face.

Similarly, once I was with a couple of bike messenger buddies when a Spanish chick with a donk that, well, lemme see if I can find an approximation:


yeah, something akin to that caliber strolled by.

My first friend said, “Damn, look at that ass!” then went back to talking about whatever it was we’d been talking about before.

Suddenly, some Spanish cat came pouring like a liquid out of his car and somewhere between tears and fury explained that that ass belonged to his girl and that he was offended.

My first friend apologized but my line was more or less, “Dude, we just looked.”

Looking itself was apparently too much for this particular Spanish cat and he seemed like he was either gonna kill us or blow us, as overwhelmed with emotion as he was.

Eventually at the behest of his girlfriend – who really pissed him off because she got out of the car meaning that we could see her again – the Spanish cat was talked down and out.

Now back to Branlee: and not to be racist, but maybe it’s just the way Spanish dudes are (I know, that was being racist), I could still see if he felt a little disrespected because the two dudes didn’t know his relationship to the young woman, but to reverse the outcome from the fight scene in Menace II Society – turns out she’s his cousin – was crazy!

And now a man is dead.

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