Taye Diggs is the Thot Heard ‘Round the World



I’m curious as to how many of the men that are calling Taye Diggs “gay” sag their pants.

Because realistically, all Taye’s doing is taking sagging to it’s next and inevitable level.

So no, despite the inexplicably sugary context of not only Mr. Diggs’ pic, but also his look, it’s still impossible for me to call or consider him “gay” because:

  1. There still hasn’t been evidence of any same-sex activity or attraction
  2. Implying that I had such knowledge about Mr. Diggs interests and actions would immediately throw my own into question

That’s one of the things that dudes quick to label other dudes “gay” continually miss: the necessity of providing an answer should someone very simply ask “How do you know?”

Also, there’s the risk of being accused of, or even  being guilty of projection.

This means, you could be ascribing onto Mr. Diggs what’s actually in your own heart and nature.

With that in mind, it might be best to never accuse anyone of being gay.

That is, of course, unless you are gay and that’s the kinda projection you’re interested in.

But what the fuck is wrong with this nigga and why did he take this pic?

We know that Mr. Diggs was once married and his ex-wife is white so could this Tweeter be onto something?

Well, that all depends on whether you indulge in the myth of the “Strong Black Woman” and the subsequently belief that only a “real” or stronger Black man can handle her.

Admittedly, I have often noticed either a softness or an excessive erudition in niggas that are exclusively into white girls.

And everything from Tiger Woods being called “surprisingly swishy” in Brett Easton Ellis’ Glamorama to Nate Parker’s clipped enunciation has triggered an awareness that certain of our interracial-loving loving cats (I did that on purpose) project the guarded quality of people for whom as much as single grammatical error would be the internalized equivalent of a death in the family.

But what does all this hafta do with this nigga’s ass out on the gram, nigga? See, that’s why I don’t fuck with DickieBheeonthestreetz no more; your sidebars be sidestanzas, nigga!

Yes, sorry about that.

Like I said, he’s sagging.

Most of us are shrewd enough to know that when women get dressed up, it’s to impress each other – just like with weaves and that kinda bullshit; what kinda man really gives a fuck about a woman’s hair? – and if another man falls under her spell it’s all to the better.

So just like anybody else that sags, Mr. Diggs has probably thoroughly convinced himself that only his target audience would even bother to look at the exposed area, and the rest of us, no matter our appetite for absurdity, would quickly look away.

And what if Mr. Diggs’ target audience is; pardon the pun, his Fellow Man?

Well, a good percentage of y’all would hafta fall back then, wouldn’t you?

Cause if Charles Dickens were to come back to life just to rephrase his old book turning it into something called, let’s say, A Tale of Two Americas, it could only be kicked off like this:

It was the most tolerant of times,

it was the most homophobic of times…

Because muhfuccas certainly only seem comfortable going after closeted fags.

Once a homo’s out of the closet, y’all stand up and clap like Caitlyn Jenner just took the stage.


Stop being hypocrites!

Either love, hate, or join me in indifference.

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