I Hope Rihanna IS Pregnant

As much as I admire and respect writer Scoop Jackson, I thought he’d lost his muhfuccin mind some years back when he wrote “I believe until she has a child, Serena Williams is the sexiest female alive.”

That was some shit for a (dumb) teenage white boy to say and think.

I specify “dumb” because even regular white boys can remember growing up and having a friend that had a mom that was bad.

Shit, the term “MILF”, meaning “Mom I’d Like to Fuck”, was coined in the movie American Pie and spoken by a white-cultured Asian actor John Cho.

So to suggest the possibility of a woman losing sex appeal after motherhood is patently absurd.

Shit, a good 1/2 of women becoming even sexier after giving birth.

Sophia Vergara’s fine ass 2has a son that’s, like, in his 50s or some shit, I remember getting turned on by Stella Stevens 3in the original Nutty Professor then reading that she already had a kid by the time she hit Hollywood, and although I may be alone on this one, Beyonce never did anything for me – I thought her “Independent Women” guise revealed her as little more than a shit-talking Pop Tart that knew little of the world or herself – until motherhood gave her not only the sex appeal but the confidence to be “Drunk in Love“.

So I, for one, am almost happy that Rihanna might be pregnant.

I say almost because despite my willingness to write songs for Rihanna – which Azealia Banks guaranteed would get me the pussy – I ain’t the BD.

And who knows knows if she really is pregnant?

Bitch could just be fat.

But the idea, where it still exists, that women that haven’t yet had babies somehow represent purity or are the only possibly purveyors of sex appeal is nuts.

As Bullets Over Broadway‘s Helen Sinclair could tell you, a true star never plays frumps or virgins.

And not just for regular women, but for artists and athlete seemingly especially, the return from motherhood is often the most dynamic part of their lives.

Never forget that Wilma Rudolph only got one bronze medal as a 16 year-old sprinter in the 1956 Olympics then came back to the 1960 Olympics as the mom of a 2 year-old and got 3 more medals, all gold.

So much for that.

And singers, not just Beyonce and Madonna, but going back as far as the Queen herself, Aretha Franklin, found new voice as moms.

Make no mistake, parenthood, or in this case, specifically, motherhood, is the most important thing that anybody can do.

This isn’t to knock those that can’t reproduce, but it is – as with just about everything I write – a not-so-subtle jab at “white” feminism, which I actually should be thanking because it’s due to the rise of “white” feminism that white birthrates have consequently fallen which will eventually end the white “majority” and has already ended White Supremacy.

White chicks, envious of men’s lives and men’s games, went in pursuit of those things apparently oblivious to the fact that they were born with a gift that all men envied; the ability to make more people.

If dudes had that ability – without the corresponding pain and physical changes – we’d be having babies all the time, convinced that each one was a combination next Michael Jordan-Ali-Marvin Gaye-Malcolm-Nat Turner.

But alas, it’s women that have the babies and Rihanna might be about to have one herself.

If so, her titties will get bigger, her ass will get phatter and artistically, we’ll really get to see what she’s made of.

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