Who are THESE Niggas?

1Of course, I recognize a few of them.

I know who Roland Martin is, I see Michael Eric Dyson and I’ve read him before, and I’ve actually met Toure once or twice, but I don’t know any of the ladies and I’m wondering how they or anybody for that matter got into a position to pontificate on Black America.

Now, the first and most important thing we have to deal with is the fact that these guys are acknowledging that there is a Black America.

This is news.

It stands in direct contrast to the platform on which Barack Obama would eventually run for President and win.


“There’s not a Black America and a white America… there’s the United States of America”?

And I’d be literally shocked if anybody appearing on this “State of Black America” panel didn’t vote for Barack.

So what is it they’re gonna tell us?

That is, after asserting by their very presence at such a thing that Barack was wrong?

Well, I hate to be a cynic, but I can only see this thing going one way:

First there’s gonna be the “check out how fly my ideas are/don’t I impress you with how much of an intellectual I’m is” segment where we’ll hear a bunch of double-talk intended for those with post graduate degrees in etymology, you know, the typical street nigga, then they’ll be the yard sale.

Lord forbid one of these niggas has a book coming out or a clothing line or a television show to promote because that’s what you’ll hear about in depth, and that’s where all the genuine erudition, thought and concern will be put.

Ideas for how to help/save you niggas are just the front to get themselves on television.

But actually, I don’t mind the second part.

I wanna read your books, I wanna buy your clothes, I don’t really watch TV so if that’s what you’re shucking, it’s your loss there, but the last thing in the world I mind is a nigga getting his hustle on, I just resent that It’s being done as if it’s to my benefit.

Because if it was really being done to my benefit, the first thing these niggas would be telling Black America was not to buy anything.

Take that 1.2 trillion in buying power and tell America to go fuck itself.

Fuck your Jordans.

Fuck your Rolex’.

Fuck your $500 belts and $200,000 cars and fuck you too for convincing me that I should want those things because I’m otherwise worthless without them.

Tell niggas that they only things they really need are gym memberships and afro picks.

Get the ladies to feel beautiful – because they are – with their natural hair and get the men to be strong in case the police ever decide that you should die but you happen to disagree.

And if you think I’m writing all of this out of sour grapes, you’re right, I am.

Not that I envy anyone’s celebrity; I already told ya’ll how I feel about that, it’s just that with the platform a show like this affords, you’d hope that one nigga would tell the rest of us to keep our money in our pockets.

But that would be too dangerous to do.

And they don’t let dangerous niggas on television.

I mean, they used to let Dr. King get on there and rock until he became dangerous.

Then look at what they did to him.

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