Weirdness @ the NBA Finals & Has Ayesha Curry Been Silenced?

For a blogger that’s supposed to be literally on the cutting edge, I’m always dead last when it comes to gossip, so when I initially saw this Tweet:

I ignored it as the ravings of a lunatic even tho I did write an aspirational Rihanna pregnancy blog.

Now it seems like Rihanna being pregnant by LeBron James is the most illicit supposedly “secret” thing since Roberta Flack wrote a song about her affair with Jesse Jackson disguising him as “Reverend Lee”.

I mean, to literally bow before this dude in a game being watched all over the world while knowing he’s got a wife and family?

That’s straight disrespect.

And you wonder if LeBron’s wife Savannah didn’t know, still doesn’t know, or if she only found out/figured it out yesterday.

Kevin Durant sure as shit knows; and has known for a while.

Not only did he give Riri the “Your man don’t want none of this” stare after knocking down a three,

but he refused to answer questions about it, the way, say, a dude would do for his boy if questioned by his boy’s girl as to whether or not said boy was cheating.

Sleeping with a superstar of Rihanna’s caliber is exactly the sort of news that would make it’s way around locker rooms in the NBA so I doubt very seriously that Durant doesn’t know more than he’s letting on.

It’s a pure open secret.

Which isn’t to say that Rihanna is pregnant, but fucking LeBron?

A pretty safe bet.

This, of course, were it to appear on a bigger news site than – as if there is such a thing – would bring a wrecking ball to LeBron’s image as a “wholesome family man” despite persistent rumors that he’s already fathered another baby outside or wedlock with news reporter Sharon Reed.

Savannah’s bad too, so whether or not all this is true, you can’t knock LeBron’s taste in women.

Still, maybe actually getting all this pussy is why LeBron’s only 3-4 in the Finals so far.

Jordan went 6-0 while constantly, as we’ve learned, getting shut down by Madonna.

Meanwhile, as the NBA Finals were approaching, I, for one, was anxiously anticipating the return of my own personal favorite social media darling, Ayesha Curry.

No, I don’t follow Ms. Curry on any social media platform, but she does, like clockwork, seem to say, Tweet, or find another method of expressing something so controversial, that camps are often constructed, opinions are divided and allegiances are formed.

Remember the classic that started it all?

This year so far, nothing.

And I can’t help but think that’s due to the unfortunate truth she told about last year’s finals.

Y’all remember; when she said it was “rigged”?

Well, she wasn’t lying then – how else to explain the suspension of team core Draymond Green from Game 5 of last year’s Finals with the Warriors up 3-1 over the Cavaliers and for a tussle he and LeBron were equally guilty of involvement in? – and it seems like perhaps through collusion with her, her husband and, who knows? maybe going as high up as the Warriors organization themselves or even NBA officials, she won’t be saying anything now.

That’s sad.

A voice for truth, decorum and decency is always welcome.

Guess if we wanna hear from another Golden State Warrior wife that the NBA would actually allow, no, encourage to be outspoken, we’ll hafta hope that Klay Thompson does something psychotic like marry Amber Rose.

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