Bill Maher to Black America: “What Y’all Gon Do About it???”

It’s no coincidence that anytime a nigga’s in favor of Black self-determination, he’s either ostracized, silenced, ridiculed or worse.

Two of the baddest muhfuccas this country has ever seen, Marcus Garvey and Booker T. Washington, had their messages distorted to the point of absurdity by affirmed white liberals who to this day have us convinced that they are our only path toward true salvation.

Shit, we’ve seen how to make things happen.

A 26 years old Dr. King showed us that shit.

But like a football team that runs a play that works and decides to never run it again, meanwhile running something ridiculous like a “Hail Mary” pass may work about once a year – if you’re lucky – we’ve apparently decided on the “Hail Mary” of taking our problems to liberal white America as opposed to letting our 1.2 trillion in spending power be the bully behind any agenda we wanna see implemented.

If we did get down like that, the clown-ass likes of Bill Maher would have been shook to death, not simply to use the word “nigger” but to use it in the context that he did.

I’ve said before that I don’t give a shit if white people use the word “nigger”, but the way ol Bill used it in this instance misappropriated the Black experience the way it’s usually done by people who use us as the rock through which to bash their perspective into somebody else’s head.

Niggas were a “moment in time” for Maher here, a one-second joke.

Never mind how unique it is to be Black in a country like America.

Never mind how amazing it is to be considered among the “intellectually inferior” while also having to confront startling irrationalities like “All men are created equal” being written by slave-owners, separate schooling, separate water fountains, segregating sporting leagues, the “justified” murders of Terence Crutcher by an armed officer Betty Shelby who was “afraid” of his unarmed self, Trayvon Martin by a maniac that stalked him and provoked a fight with him – armed the whole while, Tamir Rice by a lunatic that couldn’t even take the two seconds it would have taken to see that the boy – which is what Tamir merely was – was only playing with a toy; the list goes on and on.

So no, it would literally be impossible for you to be a “House Nigger” for just a moment then go back to being a white HBO television show host in the next.

Shit, even LeBron James (and Tiger Woods) have to get reminded from time to time that if you’re Black in America, you’re going have to deal with some shit that simply does not make sense.

And Maher may apologize – without meaning it – tho why would he?

What’s our threat?

Props to the Donald Trump because he ended Kathy Griffin’s career over some bullshit, but has even one nigga threatened to cancel their HBO subscription if Bill Maher isn’t immediately removed from the air?

But oh yeah, I forgot: can’t give props to Trump or anybody he runs with for anything.

Our liberal massas don’t approve of that type shit.

That’s why when an esteemed surgeon who is no Tom, coon or sellout – tho is an occasional idiot – provides a salient truth like “Poverty is a state of mind“, we make sure that we’re the first to jump on him.

All Ben Carson was saying is that we can, and should, fix ourselves.

But white liberals don’t want us to hear that.

And they damn sure don’t want us to believe it.



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Dickie Bhee is a self-styled lunatic, a Renaissance showman, a Class A, Grade A buffoon, a nigga that believes in the greatness of Niggerhood a social gadfly and a genuine Man About Town.

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