Meanwhile, Allah’s like “Keep My Name Out of It”

It was ironic that I watched my favorite movie, Let’s Do It Again yesterday because central to the plot is the fact that Sidney Poitier’s character hypnotizes Jimmy Walker’s character, a hapless boxer named “Bootney Farnsworth”, into believing that not only is he a tiger, but that he’ll win the middleweight championship, which he does.

Then the London Bridge terror thing popped off.

Now, props to all those who knew from the door that Islamic Terror had little to do with terror and probably nothing to do with Islam.

The rest of us were probably stuck for way to long wondering why “they” hated us and damning Islam to hell although the majority of us neither believed in Islam or hell.

And I’m kinda at fault too.

It’s been a while since I’ve read my bible, even longer since I read my Koran so I can’t exactly call out the tenets where it’s forbidden for Muslims to kill Muslims, but I know they’re there.

Therefore it’d be hard to imagine that those mutts that rammed the people on London Bridge yesterday, killing 7 and injuring 48, and then subsequently had three passengers hop out of the van they’d use to ram and start randomly knifing people could have been either doing it in the name of Islam or active subscribers.

If they had been, at the very least, they’d have had to ask each person they’d ended up stabbing – and everybody in the crowd they’d run over before running them over – “are you a Muslim”?

Then, if Muslims were discovered among those that would be victims, they’d have had to ask them to step aside.

By not doing so, they weren’t only giving Islam a bad name, but actually practicing counter to the way the doctrine is taught.

And I know there are many different interpretations of everything, I know Christianity has loads of interpretations, some of which were used to justify genocide against the Indians and enslavement of the Africans and it’s because of all these facts that some people don’t fuck with religion at all.

I don’t.

I feel the presence of a God, but can’t make sense out of any way currently in place to interpret such a Being.

Still, just like Christianity was misappropriated as an agenda towards Manifest Destiny, it’s impossible not to see the same thing happening to Islam, and honk if you were ahead of where I’m about to go here:

Hypnosis had to be in play, at least in yesterday’s attacks.

See, unlike the Kennedy assassination where JFK’s killer(s) probably knew it was a suicide mission but figured a – pardon the pun – “shooter’s” chance was at hand because he/they was at least armed, those that knifed on the bridge yesterday knew that weren’t going to make it and did it anyway.

Now maybe one dude might be that much of a zealot, but three?

Doubt it.

That third dude’s gonna be looking for ways to blend into the crowd and get the fuck outta there.

That third dude doesn’t wanna die for Allah, but live for Him.

So we hafta wonder who houses the facilities that are making these probably fair weather Muslims into Manchurian Candidates?

Background checks with no spin would be very interesting.

Is there really some Muslim State bent on world domination through Islam?

Or is it, more likely, an inside job with the goal of not only ending immigration from Islamic countries, but justifying the beginning of mass deportations?

Trump’s election sent the entire Western World to the Hard Right.

So I’m damn sure betting on the latter.

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