If Cosby’s Guilty, THROW HIM IN JAIL (but let him keep all his $$$)

What’s that bullshit that ends with:

…and liberty and justice for all…?

Is that the Pledge of Allegiance?

America’s paid lip service to so many things – my favorite, of course being, as I write all the time, “all men are created equal” being scripted by slave-owners – that I lose track of which lie is attached to with oath.

But now that we’re about to watch the first day of the trial of my man Cos, who’s back in my good graces after I watched Let’s Do It Again again the other night, as he’s about to stand up before a bunch of accusers that say he raped them, I wondering exactly what kind of “justice” we’ll see.

And make no mistake, one of the greatest laws this country ever came up with was that Son of Sam joint which stated that a criminal couldn’t profit off of his crimes.

So even though that shit ain’t related to asset forfeiture, yeah, shake down Bernie Madoff after this muhfucca made 9 billion ripping people off in a pyramid scheme.

But Cos ain’t sell his story nowhere.

I ain’t seen him getting paid to be interviewed.

If anything, this case has cost him, at least in terms of negative press.

So the cherry on top should be a nice, long jail stretch if he’s found guilty.

And just to be certain that all those women that have and are coming forward against him have nothing but the altruistic pursuit of justice in their minds and hearts, it’d be nice if it were possible to arrange for there being no chance for to profit in any way off of a conviction.

In other words, the “victims” shouldn’t be allowed to sue.

It should be enough in this case that they should get to see a rapist taken off the street.

They should be motivated solely by civic duty.

And don’t get me wrong, one of the attributes of the rich and powerful that has a tendency to make them so noxious towards their non-peers is that they can and often have gotten away with murder.

Did anybody really ever expect Ted Kennedy to stand trail for Chappaquiddick?

But that money can also make them a target.

And civil suits are often the way.

So we already know what to expect going into Cosby’s trial.

A bunch of women rushing forward to explain how being raped by this superstar celebrity ruined their lives and traumatized them to the extent of possibly hundreds of millions of dollars, but how many of the ladies – there’s a total of 48 accusers! – would probably settle for something in the ballpark of 5 million.

That’s not bad.

Would I want 5 million dollars if I were raped?


I wouldn’t even want the muhfucca jailed.

I want a knife and a chance to cut his throat out.

I’d want a lot of weapons, actually.

I’d want to be a torturer first, but ultimately, I’d want to be a murderer.

Genuine, true, honest to God rape is such a reprehensible crime that if I suffered through it, the idea that the person that committed it against me still walked the earth would overwhelm me to the point of madness and I’d have to change that fact.

But that’s just me.

I’m impractical.

That’s probably why I’m still broke.

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