Cops Wouldn’t Piss On You If You Were on Fire – They’d Kick You

I’m starting with a sidebar here:

From the treadmill at Planet Fitness in the morning the Spanish station Univision is right next to TBS where I watch “Married With Children” while glancing every few seconds at SportsCenter on ESPN and there’s always some dark-colored person being shown walking casually away from what I’m imagining is a crime he just committed.

I can’t really read the Spanish captioning but crimes having been committed, aside from birthdays, are the only reason Univision has dark-colored people on it’s screen.

And the funny thing is, said dark-colored persons are rarely shown actually committing a crime, just walking away.

And the shit is, from the few words that I can make out, the charges are usually so petty that it almost makes you wanna run out and commit the same crime just to get on television.

Meanwhile, while misdeeds of greed take place like insider trading, bond rating adjustment and billion-dollar ponzi schemes – you know, shit that we as tax payers have to pay for – we imagine that those, er, “criminals” reconfigure to their own advantage the Theology of Nixon which sayeth “When the President does it, that means it is not illegal.”


Racism is America’s group pathology and the cops are simply it’s enforcement branch.

Hitler wrote; “”Mass demonstrations on the grand scale not only reinforce the will of the individual but they draw him still closer to the movement and help to create an esprit de corps,” which suggests that collectively, rather than individually, cops practice against dark-colored people shit they’d be too worshipful to try against those Nixonian thieves.

Not only that, “crime” or at least the imagined correlation between dark skin and crime, seems to be such a strong Pavlovian trigger to cops that it blots out everything, including reality.

The incident a couple of days ago in Jersey City, New Jersey where 28 year-old Miguel Feliz was in a car accident with a man fleeing from the police and both cars caught on fire is an example of this absurdity.

Mr. Feliz emerged from his car actually on fire and when the cops drew down on him, their weapons were pointed and their first responses were to kick him to subdue him.

Never mind that they believed that he was actually the man they were after, 48 year-old Leo Pinkston, who was being chased on an aggravated assault beef, the notion that those officers could suspend the horror of seeing a man literally engulfed in flames and go into routine nigger-arrest mode is absolutely incredible!

I don’t care if it was Mr. Pinkson on fire and he is guilty, I don’t care if he was actually being sought on child molestation beef – in which case, the only people I could imagine being calm about seeing that kind of creep in flames would be the person who set him on fire and the child’s parents – routine human compassion kicks in – or should – and the first consideration should always be rescuing the man on fire.

Now of course, a lot of lip service is being paid to realization that these cops were wrong and they could, potentially, lose their jobs, but let’s keep it real; that’s only because all this was caught on tape.

A history of being Black and knowing how police gets down lets me understand that it’s not too far fetched to imagine that if a bunch of space aliens in Negro form arrived in a UFO, they’d risk being murdered by “The Law” before they could introduce themselves to humanity.

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