Amber Rose Calls Us All Dumb & You Know What? She’s Right

Show me Gloria Steinam‘s pussy.

That’s the feminist twat I wanna see.

Or even Annie Leibovitz; although, I’m not quite sure Ms. Liebowitz is a feminist although she is certainly a fine and legendary photographer – that shit she pulled with LeBron and Gisele that barreled over into King Kong-inspired racism aside – and when it comes to turn ons, I’d like to think that I get hard for bitches with skills before hacks that got on the more stereotypical female way; riding a famous dick.

And g’head Amber Rose, show your pussy on Instagram.

That’s the least you can do.

But to call it “feminism”?


The pioneering next step in that brand of feminism would be to fuck us all; male, female, everybody.

And I could see if there was some hidden genius her dick-riding ultimately exposed like the former Romeo Blue who dated then married Lisa Bonet of “The Cosby Show” fame before establishing his own mark as Lenny Kravitz, but Amber Rose hasn’t used her Kanye-delivered celebrity to demonstrate any “gifts” other than knowing to flash a tit the first time her Q Rating got low and now, her pussy.

So no, it isn’t talent Amber Rose bombards us with, it’s imagery.

Trump used the same gimmick, but with rhetoric.

But unlike Rose, when Trump’s rhetoric gets “old”, we won’t have to look at it.

Still, even though I put niggas down because phenomenon like this clod Amber Rose are all our fault – we did make her, after all – again like Trump, anybody promising a compelling spectacle in America is bound to go far.

It doesn’t matter if, in the end, you realize that the show is shit.

All it’s gotta do is keep your attention.

This bitch Rose has already had some television show where she judged DJs, or something, I think.

We’ve certainly not seen her last incarnation.

Meanwhile, there are niggas our there with real talent, thinking that should be enough to carry the day and the arbitrary erections of first Kanye West then Wiz Khalifa has proven them wrong.

What do we tell those folks?

Don’t give up?

Or, do we keep it realer and tell them, get a breast job, get your ass done and, oh yeah, turn white – and possibly have a sex-change operation.

Rose has made it clear that she doesn’t see herself as a “Black” woman

yet we cape for this bitch like she’s Michelle Obama all the while denying blackness to white people like Rachel Dolezal who do claim blackness and we even deny it in some cases to “biracial” people.

And I’m not mad even though this probably reads like an angry screed.

I just wished my people knew better than to step in horseshit like this.

This should be an American encumbrance, and to a greater extent, it is.

But you can bet your last money that in the case of Rose specifically, it won’t be the greater American market to which she’s pointed to exploit for whatever further gain she can make by hawking, hosting or lying.

It won’t be wholesome CBS or even MSNBC on which she’ll turn up as a paragon of exceptionalism.

No, it’ll be BET; it’ll be Hip Hop, although aside from fucking rappers, she has no known musical inclination, and studious, intelligent, versed and studied niggas with actual backgrounds, knowledge and discipline and even pedigrees in the field in which she’ll be readily qualified an “expert” will be pushed aside to make room.

Then again, she did fuck Kanye and Wiz Khalifa so maybe she has earned it?

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