When Curves Kill

The thing that amazes me the most about absurd cosmetic surgery and the shit that women get added that they don’t need – that they never need – is when moms do it.

The reason that perplexes me is because, obviously, you were already hot enough for somebody to fuck.

And even with the benefit of the doubt that you’re no longer with the child’s father, odds are, any weight you put on due to childbirth is not the reason that nigga’s gone.

And things probably would be a lot simpler if before a chick decided to go under the knife for some always elective and, like I said, almost, without exception, never necessary “improvements”, she asked the man that she was with if he thought that she needed it.

I will guarantee you that he’d say “no”.

Know how I know?

Well, there’s 3 reasons:

  1. He’s with you because he likes you the way you are
  2. He doesn’t and would not like nor welcome any additional male attention
  3. It’s absolutely what he’d like you to say if he asked you if he needed a penis enlargement

And yes, of course, I’m a sexist pig, a chauvinist and all that and I know that it is, after all, the woman’s body, hers to make any decisions, including surgery, including abortion, that she chooses, but I’m still yet to meet a dude that positively lives for that muhfuccin fake shit.

So it’s time to keep it 💯 ladies, you’re not doing that shit for men.

You’re doing that shit for yourselves and maybe each other and men are only the collateral attraction and usually, anyway, the type of dude you probably wouldn’t wanna fuck with because he’s superficial enough to be attracted to a chick with fake tits and a fake ass.

I was sad when I read that some mom of two, 25 year-old Janelle Edwards of the Bronx died as a result of some bullshit bodywork she had done over in the Dominican Republic.

She leaves a motherless 7 year-old and a 1 motherless year-old.

And look at her:

What the fuck is wrong with that?

She was beautiful!

Yet she not only got both her tits and her ass done, but on the cheap in the DR.

AND, like I said, she’s a mother.

Not, like I said, that he’d have any choice in the matter, but I’m just curious; was the father of those kids, or either of those kids if it’s not the same dude asked if he thought she needed work?

I’ll bet not.

And I wanna condemn this whole generation even though breast augmentation has been around since the 1800s, but I wanna knock the e-era’s tendency to desire all pleasure while enduring no work or waiting and argue – because this I know for a fact – that no surgical results can top how you feel coming out of the gym after just getting one in and hitting the streets.

That’s confidence.

This other bullshit is not only both a temporary fix, because those surgeries not only can, like tattooing, become addictive, but also, always – because it is, after all, surgery – no matter where you get it done or how good, professional, and esteemed the doctor is, potentially fatal.

Remember Donda West?

So now you’re risking your life for a high that won’t even last.

Crackheads make more sense.


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