Sebastian Telfair’s Busted for Marijuana and Guns But Ain’t Both LEGAL???

At this point, they might as well start putting niggas in jail for having arms and legs.

Say that ours are the wrong color or some shit.

Because our reaction – and that’s key – to the charges they end up pinning on us and that end up sticking to the point of sending us away for long, long stretches, seemingly condone both charging us with absurdities and then imprisoning us based upon them.

We have, in other words, no reaction.

Or at least no outrage, which you would think would be warranted.

Consider the new opioid craze and compare it with the crack epidemic.

Remember how the Rockefeller Drug Laws came to save the day from “Super Predators” by handing out mandatory 15 year sentences to anybody caught peddling crack?

Now, what have you heard pending about what should be done to combat the opioid dealers?

Probably nothing because they, like their clientele, are almost exclusively white.

And I’m not a Sebastian Telfair fan.

The guy is an idiot that fell prey to the New York hype machine which led him to believe that he was a way nicer ball player than he ended up being – had him thinking he was maybe even LeBron-nice – better even then his cousin Stephon Marbury and this led him to decide that he could skip college altogether and come right from high school and enter the NBA.

He’s all washed up as an NBA player at the ripe young age of 32, which should, if we listen to experts, be the very last year of his prime as an athlete.

Also, there’s also the thing of him having always tried to be some low-level gangster.

The beef that got rapper Fabolous shot over Telfair’s gold chain getting snatched must have gone to Telfair’s head so the guess is that now that basketball is a complete afterthought, full time gangsterism has become the focus.

Still, now that marijuana has finally become decriminalized, the fact that it should be even mentioned as contingent in his arrest should be insulting to the collective Black intellect.

And about the guns: not that I put much stock in the opinions of those lying, thieving, tax-evading, Indian-murdering and Negro-enslaving “Founding Fathers”, but the reason there’s a Second Amendment is because the thought was that every American citizen should be availed the opportunity to protect himself should America fall siege to either hostile enemy power or hostile Native American.

And of course, like I’ve written before, the first gun “laws” were essentially part of the slave codes.

Since niggas was never supposed to be citizens, The Second Amendment didn’t have us in mind at all.

Now, suddenly, with niggas as citizens, something was gonna hafta be done to make sure both that we never got aggressive and that if anybody tried to get aggressive towards us, we’d have no way to defend ourselves.

Voilà, gun laws!

And if you think for even a second that the reason jail time is tossed out so casually and in abundance to niggas for any minor infraction – the severity of the crime, in many cases, prohibiting offenders from ever qualifying for owning a gun – or that the reason that young Black males, the very type we’d expect to be the last line of defense should anybody ever try to lay siege to the Black community, represent the bulk of prison inmates to a ridiculous proportion and percentage, then you probably laughed with everybody else when you heard about Sebastian Telfair’s gun and marijuana arrest.

At least it wasn’t you.

This time.

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