Did DeMario Jackson Pull a “Cos” or Was a “Cos” Pulled on Him?

I think I’ve said this before, but it really could be argued that rape is even worse than murder because at least with murder, if it’s done right, the victim never even knows what hit him while with rape, the rest of a person’s life could be ruined.

Imagine being traumatized; permanently.

Imagine being always “jumpy”.

Imagine living in terror of a whole gender.

That’s what rape can do.

And perhaps the biggest problem with how it’s dealt with in the American judicial system is that if that victim is a woman, she’s basically commodified.

The trial, in fact, becomes about the rapist, not the victim.

Like I wrote about those lunatic college white boys during that period last year when college white boys seemed to be on a raping spree, the courts seemed overly concerned with the rest of their lives, ruining their futures, while the victims just were.

3 months for Brock Turner and 2 years of work release for Austin Wilkerson is nothing compared to the 20 years they hung on ex-Baylor football player Tevin Elliot.

But, of course, Elliot is Black while those other two rapists are white.

And here’s what I mean about that commodification; while being a rape victim certainly carries a taint, like being the victim of a stick-up makes you a “mark”, and being the victim of bullying makes you a “punk”, being the white victim of a rape perpetrated by a Black man pretty much makes you an untouchable.

You have little resale value.

And it’s not simply the difference in the worth of a new car the minute it’s left the lot versus it’s worth while it was still unowned, it’s the plummeting property values and everything else associated with anything that Black people suddenly become involved in.

This is why, not only do white women lose such considerable esteem once they associate themselves with Black men, but there are efforts by some to have every sexual exchange by Black men and white women considered “rape”.

Still, being raped is way better than actually choosing to fuck a Black man.

This “scandal” with “The Bachelor in Paradise” is just the latest example.

Despite cuck porn being 40% of the most sought after porn titles and despite, as I’ve written before, Jackie Robinson having said in The Boys of Summer that he basically had to fight off the white girls while he was a UCLA tailback back in the early 1940s, the image of the type of white girl that would “consent” to fuck a Black man is still, fat, ugly, gross and something that no white man would want.

So when you see a white chick like Corrine Olympios, the one that Black “Bachelor in Paradise” star DeMario Jackson fucked on the beach after a night of drinking, you understand why it’s so critically important to have that sexual exchange classified as “rape”.

Ms. Olympios was clearly too drunk to consent to sex, otherwise she certainly would have never fucked a nigger, we’re to understand.

And let’s not even get into why some women drink so heavily on nights out anyway.

Let’s certainly not get into whether or not there’s any truth to the notion that “evil spirits” enter your body through alcohol that pretty much do away with your inhibitions.

Let’s just acknowledge that if Ms. Olympios were to demonstratively take the stand that she was indeed not raped, then her judgement would immediately be deemed so questionable that her resale value on the white marriage market would be as good as nil.

Being a “victim” is the way smarter move.

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