EVERYTHING About the Alexandria Shooting Was Staged

The only thing I’m surprised about is that they ain’t use a Muslim for a patsy.

Everything else was pretty much pitch-perfect including the fact that nobody was killed – Congressman Steve Scalise, a Republican with Alt-Right sympathies was only injured – and the fact that the shooter was part of this alleged new “militant” branch of the left, a former Bernie Sanders supporter, rabidly anti-Trump and knew exactly where to go.

James Hodgkinson, a lone-wolf shooter and now conveniently dead?


In the coming days, more and more “new” information about Mr. Hodgkinson will surface and what we’ll be left with is the portrait of an unhinged “patriot” of a newer variety than the type that took over those federal buildings in Oregon.

No, this type of “patriot” recasts the Founding Fathers completely contrary to the way that the other type “patriots” recast them; as bastions of liberality who (despite being slave-owners) were positively obsessed with “freedom and justice for all”.

Still, the desired effect of this shooting, much like 9/11, was to demonstrate the vulnerability of a certain segment of society.

The segment that, interestingly enough, just happens to be currently in power.

That’s right, there’s nobody that lives under greater threat at the moment than Right Wing Hardliners and if you’re not honestly expecting new and more incredibly bastardized versions of The Patriot Act to be broadly enacted under the guise of protecting Americans but specifically for Right Wing protection, then you’re the type for whom watching a rerun is like watching a brand new episode.

Clink on the above the link of James Hodgkinson’s name and see if the media spin hasn’t even started.

We’re already being led toward what we’re supposed to believe.

If we were to stop and think that a professional sniper had been hired to ensure that Scalise would be no more than wounded and that this dude, Hodgkinson was just some crank that ran afoul of someone who clearly had the authority to do him a real dirty one while simultaneously making it plain that if he didn’t take this beef, somebody in his family or immediate circle would catch a bad one, then we would see that what used to be the Republican party has been totally hijacked by maniacs that fully intend bend the American psyche into a “us versus them” dichotomy in which mere opposing viewpoints are hostile, alien and seditious.

Most of us have known forever that “Republicans” and “Democrats” were just two slightly tweaked versions of the same rich, Eurocetric idealism, but now, even those slight tweaks are to be disallowed.


I mean, a Bernie supporter doubling as a gun nut?

Gimme a break!

Perhaps the main thing that the left is supposed to be self-righteous about is gun control.

But we’re supposed to ignore that little inconsistency now and imagine that “war” has been declared, the “left” versus the “right” and take sides and all.

Yeah, ok.

If you look at it this way, plugging a Congressman is a helluva lot cheaper than starting the war that Trump would have needed to “Wag the Dog” of the Russian scandal and get everybody off his back.

Smarter too.

I mean, Steve Scalise only got shot.

It’s dissent that was actually killed.

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