Jeronimo Yanez Didn’t Kill Philado Castille Because He was Afraid, He Killed Him Because He WASN’T

In Jeromino Yanez’s defense, it’s easy to mistake excitement for fear.

Your heart rate increases, your breathing gets heavier and a lot of the other sensations are similar.

But again, like I wrote about the Terence Cruther situation with Betty Shelby and like I wrote in an entirely different post specifically on the topic of cops and fear, the main thing fear causes you to do is flee, not fire a gun.

So no, it’s not fear that caused Yanez to kill Philando Castile by shooting into the car carrying him, his girlfriend and their 4 year-old daughter, it was the realization that Yanez had one.

The knowledge that for once, there was one he could shoot and the courts would have no choice but to let him get away with it.

I mean, Castile was Black.

And he was also armed.

He’d told Yanez that he had a gun and also told him that he wasn’t reaching to pull it out.

But can you imagine being a cop and what having that gun on your hip all that time must feel like?

Can you imagine the routine shit you hafta take from white people when you mistakenly pull them over, or just dealing with a rich one in a casual interaction and how they make you feel like less than nothing, less than a nigger even because you’re such a lowly, wage-slave public servant?

Can you imagine the niggers that you encounter that you can’t kill?

Because they’re too law-abiding or your reaction time was too slow or they’re women or they’re elderly?

Then to actually get one?

A young one too?

And armed?

My late father used to make fun of me whenever I had fresh cash handy because I’d be so anxious and he’d always be like, “Money’s burning a hole in your pocket, huh?”

Well, can you imagine what that gun must do?

To have that big ass, heavy piece of weaponry useless on your hip like a second dick on a virgin?

Jeronimo Yanez couldn’t wait to kill Philando Castile.

His dick was probably even hard.

And he did it without any concern whatsoever.

What would happen?

What could happen?

What, the Blacks would riot?



He’d be found guilty?

Are you insane?

Shiii, there were two Black jurors and when the jury was initially split 10-2, they weren’t even the holdouts.

Might somebody from Castile’s family or one of his friends or, if he was a member of a gang, a fellow gang member come after Yanez?

They’d only do that if Yanez was a fellow nigger and not a cop.

The Blacks would get together to launch some other type of protest?

Some economic boycott or withhold a portion of their taxes or maybe kill kittens or any of that other shit that Dickie Bhee routinely suggests as a (THE) remedy for the police-sanctioned murders of Black Americans?

Never in your wildest dreams.

No, what would ultimately happen is what always happens: the murdered man would trend for a little while on social media, then Black America would get distracted by the latest celebrity happenings.

They’d scream about injustice to the people that caused the injustice and expect that to make some kind of difference.

Didn’t Dickie Bhee also liken this behavior to complaining that your house was on fire to the arsonist that set it on fire?

Think so.

But for now, the freshly acquitted Jeronimo Yanez definitely needs to go home and get to bed.

He’s just spent a whole bunch of time in court.

He’s gotta be exhausted.

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