Blame “Amber Rose” Culture for Cosby’s Mistrial

If these were the old days, we coulda skipped all that bullshit about “rape” and “sexual assault” and simply asked what all those sluts were doing alone with a married man.

Whether or not Cosby raped them would have become irrelevant.

Every woman alive has been in a situation with a man that made them uncomfortable.

And if that man was married, they were alone, and he was offering alcohol (or pills) get out!

Show some respect for his wife and, more importantly, show some respect for yourself.

But since this is the modern era and sluts can no longer be “shamed” no matter the situation, Bill Cosby was, er, “awarded” a mistrial as opposed to an outright acquittal on charges of sexual assault.

And make no mistake, Cosby’s a monster.

He’s a vile, reprehensible pig; a devious miscreant and an dangerous liar.

But “rapist” is a loaded term, that when added to maleness and Blackness never fails to take on a stereotypical truth.

Still, Cosby should never show his face in public again without being beaten and jeered.

And that’s simply because he cheated on his wife.

How can you ever trust a man to do anything who shows an absolute disregard for this, the most sacred of oaths?

Yet we watched in silent stupidity as the media ignored the guilt of his cheating and detoured the narrative toward the kind of rape that would have had you believing he’d jumped out of the bushes on the unsuspecting.

But that’s another fatality of the modern era; the sanctity of marriage.

Cheating on your wife or husband is almost “cute” now.

And as opposed to mankind subscribing to standards that should render infidelity impossible, it’s now the norm to accept it as a foregone conclusion and only hope that a cheating spouse doesn’t “put it in your face”.


And Camille Cosby loses all respect.

“Stand by your man”, sure, unless, by his actions, he’s doing everything he can to get away from you.

Then, don’t be a public fool.

Imagine there’d been a situation where a woman was alleged to have cheated on her husband as many times as Cosby allegedly cheated on Camille.

Would he get lauded or laughed at?

Worse, is that there are still some women – many women – that should be lauded.

There are female astronauts and scientific pioneers, engineers, inventors and entrepreneurs, women of genius; making it happen.

Yet now, due to the philosophies of Amber Rose and her ilk, we’re to bestow upon those women no greater accolades than we’d give to the ho that exists solely to move from bed partner to bed partner.

Rose herself seems to think she’s entitled to Beyonce-level respect, for, I’m guessing, having fucked more rappers.

And that’s the thing.

How many Cosby accusers were there at final count?

48 I think.

And this nigga’s been at it since he married in the early 60s?

That means only one thing: the women that have respect for themselves – or his wife – are legion.

Because even factoring in his celebrity, nobody fucks all the people they wanted to unless the first person they met was their soul mate and there’d never been a day of doubt.

So let’s think about all the women that weren’t hoes for Cosby and applaud them.

If I were a woman, they’re the type that had the qualities I’d want in a husband.

Cause lady, what could be your husband’s excuse for fucking some ho?

She got him alone and fed him liquor and pills?

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