What Happens When there’s a Black George Zimmerman?

Where was my head when all this happened?

I was living in New York at the time and don’t remember it worth anything.

Turns out, some drunken 59 year-old Asian OG named Ki-Suck Han was harassing some then-30 year-old Black homeless dude named Naeem Davis on a subway platform when Davis finally had enough, kicked Mr. Han, and Mr. Han rolled onto the tracks and got ran over by the [Q] Train

Interestingly or tragically or however you wanna look at it, until recently when Mr. Davis decided to go for self-defense, the only thing that had been up for debate in this case was how much time that Mr. Davis would accept as part of his sentence.

Initially, it seems the court’s ruling bodies thought they were doing Mr. Davis some huge favor by offering him a plea deal of 22 years as opposed to life – which, if you don’t know, is 25 years.

Mr. Davis, wisely – my opinion – rejected that thinking his actions warranted even less time.

The New York Post reacted to Mr. Davis’ rejection of this deal in an article with the title – I’m not making this up – “Bum rejects plea deal in deadly subway push.”

One wonders why it took Mr. Davis so long to get around to the self-defense plea.

I mean, there’s an audio and a video which proves that Mr. Han was not only the aggressor in the confrontation but also threatened twice to kill Mr. Davis.

But, of course, we’re left to imagine that Mr. Davis’s status as a homeless man, sobriety and possibly even his comparative youth were supposed to render him invulnerable to any attack that Mr. Han could have launched and he should have just borne any forthcoming assault with aplomb.

Coming, as it did back in 2012, so fresh off the heels of the Trayvon Martin murder at the hands of one George Zimmerman, you’d think that Mr. Davis would have been freed because of the precedent.

I mean, after all, it was Zimmerman who’d pursued Martin, Zimmerman who was the attacker/assailant and Zimmerman who, as the older party – Martin was just a teen – should have had the restraint necessary to keep things from getting out of control.

But no.

Even though we know that Zimmerman only had the balls to get out of his car and chase young Trayvon because he’d armed himself beforehand, we’re still supposed to imagine that it was young Mr. Martin that should have backed down.

And now, here, with the races not exactly reversed, but with Mr. Davis alive and his own attacker dead, we’re supposed to imagine that it was the victim of an attack that was supposed to back down.

Question: exactly when are niggas not supposed to back down?

We damn sure can’t do it when confronted by other niggas.

Now, as much as it reads like I am, I’m actually not defending Mr. Davis.

His ass could tell that Han was drunk, he had a youth advantage and he could have shown a little bit more restraint.

And to his credit, completely unlike George Zimmerman, he seems at least contrite about the incident.

But as far as whether or not he had the right to defend himself?

Of-fucking-course he did!

And he’ll now be jailed appropriately because of it.

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