Skin Bleaching OR Black Revenge for Gentrification


Forgive me for laughing, but I happen to find this here particular shit fucking hilarious!

Imagine being beautiful, brown, the color of the earth or even darker, the color, in fact, that all those white people that go running out into the sun or tanning booths would love to be, and you decide that you actually wanna be lighter.

Do you wanna be shorter too?

Maybe fatter?

You’ve gotta wanna be broker (funny there’s no spell check errors because “broker” is actually a term meaning “deal-maker” when, in this case, I’m using it to mean “more broke”), because those skin-lightening products can cost a fortune.

But, in essence, you’re chasing the look of a people who have, traditionally, always chased yours.

And I hate to write this simplistic shit because Goddamn it, I’m not an elementary school teacher and if you haven’t learned/figured this type shit out by now yet you’re old enough to have been able to interpret every word your eyes passed before arriving at this point (you are HERE), then you’d shoulda been known that the great bulk of what we’ve traditionally and erroneously labeled “racism” has, in fact, actually been jealousy.

We are a fucking beautiful people.

Is this news?

But like many have a tendency to believe that youth is wasted on the young, racists seem to understand that beautiful black and brown skin is wasted on niggers and, since they were born without it, use sour grapes to despise it.


That sucks.

Everybody’s unhappy.

We know that.

It’s capitalism!

But the hilarity genuinely ensues because we never seem to realize that the things that we’re despised particularly for, are the things most often coveted by the people that despise us.

Look at our hoods; terrible!


“Hell”, Donald Trump called them.

Yet, if you live in New York like I do and you travel enough through some of these “hells” you’ll see an inordinate amount of white people pushing baby strollers, thrilled to have been able to buy in an area where their commute will be easy and absolutely ecstatic about the depressed property values that allowed them to get in at such a low price.

In the meantime, of course, we’re all tryna get out of the hood.

Booker T. Washington is somewhere going “Nigga…”

And now, yes, back to skin-lightening – how could I stay away?

Ok, we’re convinced having lighter skin makes us more attractive, having white skin, by that logic, making us even more attractive, being albino, I’m guessing, placing us near the very top of the totem pole of beauty only one notch below the pinnacle of completely invisibility.

Meanwhile, what you’re not supposed to do, is feel beautiful with no added extras.

You’re not supposed to feel naturally beautiful at all.

If you can feel beautiful without spending a fortune to do so, you’re fucking up the economy, completely un-American, a traitor to your race and a possible sociopath.

Folks, the overwhelming majority of what we consider “beauty” is based in confidence.

In fact, maybe about 5% of what we consider to be beautiful has anything to do with aesthetics while the other 95% is all aura or “glow”.

And for 99.99% percent of the world’s population, diet and exercise are the one true path toward salvation.

If you’re doing anything more than that, you’re doing way too much.

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