When “White Girls Winning” Has Gone Way, Way, Way, Way, WAY Too Far

It’s a shame I never wrote this down nowhere cause I been saying in person how Rachel Dolezal would only be the first.

See, I spotted this trend before it even was.

Back when the rest of y’all just thought it was an oddity, a 1-of-1 and that life would go back to normal the minute we all let it die.

But now that this German bitch, Martina Adam, done gone and added to what was already some absurd piece of work in turning her titties into “footballs” – in America, we call them “soccer” balls – she done also, like Dolezal, made herself into a nigga.

Jury’s out still on whether or not she can say the word.

Adam has even taken it a step further, making her a “realer” nigga, I guess, because while all Dolezal did to pull off her hoax was kink up her hair a little bit, Adam done jet-blacked her skin while leaving either actually or seeming to be a long, ridiculous and at times blonde weave which is, in fact, much closer to the how an actual Black woman would be rocking it.

Too soon?

Too mean?

Take offense then; fuck y’all.

And Lord knows we must be at the End of Days because I’m about to find myself not only quoting Lil Wayne, but agreeing with him!

“Beautiful Black woman, I’ll bet that bitch looks better red”

Well, in this case, the color is “white” and I know she does, I mean, look at the comparative pictures.

But, it’s like I’ve been saying; shrewd white people not only know that White Supremacy is over, but that the worship that white skin used to be greeted with is about to turn to resentment and hostility and are already making plans – and in some cases, moves – towards distancing themselves from whiteness.

Black dick ain’t the only reason so many white girls seem eager to breed.

They want their kids – which for some reason, white dudes have seemingly altogether decided to stop making – to have a chance in the upcoming Brave New World.

Get Out?

No, like they said in Superfly, you better come on in!

And we’re still stupid enough to be welcoming.

No premium on blackness yet.

Still slinging dick – or pussy if you got one – to any white person that wants it.

Like that internet “phenomenon” about the about that nigga with his fat white girlfriend.

Nigga “saved” – in more ways than one – that bloated bitch from being online bullied, all the while making sure to have an appropriate nigger-earring and three cuts in his eyebrows (tryna wild out).

Can’t not look the part if you wanna keep the fat white girls horny.

They know a real nigga better than we do.

My cornball ass would (thankfully) not do it for her.

And… which brings me back to my point and the close (and a lot of you are saying “Thank GOD!”), now that Martina Adam is white, is she less attractive to y’all niggas?

I mean, she’s still a white woman genetically; is that worth anything?

To you muhfuccas claiming it’s the “traits”, you know how all Black women were raised by single mothers so they have no idea how to treat a man, would you be able to rock with this born-white woman and her massive kegs or would that ugly, vile, nauseating, Negro skin tone remind you too much of moonshine, hot combs, “Love and Hip Hop”, and arguments that involved heads moving on a swivel?

Just curious.

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