Blac Chyna & the Black Woman Stereotype

Since it’s all “he say’ at this point, it’s impossible to take a valid position, but if even 1/2 of what Rob Kardashian went on IG to claim is true, the his babymom Blac Chyna fits perfectly into the Black Woman’s stereotype.

And if you don’t know what stereotype I’m talking about, I’ll make it brief:

Black women are allegedly

  1. Materialistic
  2. Fake
  3. Selfish
  4. Loud/Ignorant
  5. Whores/sluts/skeezers/tramps/thots/hussies/sexually insatiable

And the reason that Blac Chyna would fit so perfectly within the range of each of the above listed categories if any part of what Rob said can be proven is because

  1. He’s already spent over a million dollars on her in jewelry, cars, cash and prizes
  2. Never mind the bought booty, she’s got not only a perm/weave, but it’s often blonde
  3. She certainly gained exposure from attempting to latch on to the Kardashian brand but exactly what, other than fuck him, did she do for Rob?
  4. Anybody who’s seen her explode on Rob could wonder not only how did he continue to take it, but why he let her get past doing it even that first time
  5. What sent Rob over the edge was allegedly a social media contact from some next dude demanding that Rob send him cash or he’d post the pic he sent to Rob of himself from Chyna’s bed in Rob’s own clothes and there’s also the threesome that rapper T.I. allegedly paid for that included Chyna and his wife Xscape singer Tiny

Now, it doesn’t take me here to say that that Blac Chyna is a special case.

Most Black women neither look like her nor behave like her; at least not completely.

What’s interesting is that the materialistic, gold-digger stereotype still gets applied to Black women when some white chick in, amazingly enough, an attempt to credential the claims of the one and only Dr. Umar Johnson about the necessity of Black men and women marrying each other exclusively, stated quite explicitly that Black men and women were the only people on the planet that married for love.

The implication, of course, was that white women married for status which probably explains why you see so many evenly yoked white couples versus seeing Tiger Woods with a nanny, OJ with a diner waitress and Serena Williams’ 135 million getting hitched to her man’s 3.4.

The “fake” stereotype, while usually focused mostly on hair, has now extended to quickie surgeries, thinking, as we’ve all been led to, that black women buy their tits and ass while other women hit the gym.

As far as being “selfish”, we’re taught that having a two parent background teaches other women to stand by their man while single Black moms teach their daughters to always do only for dolo.

On the “loud/ignorant” front… ok, well, that one’s true.

And as far as the “sexually insatiable” thing; like I just wrote about Dr. Henry Bello, one of the things that’s always gonna be believed about Black people is that we’re sex maniacs.

This is necessary to justify our antebellum history of sexual abuse.

Akin to the rapist who claims “she wanted it”, Black woman are “known” to be always horny, always ready and for anybody.

So Blac Chyna has already lost in the court of Public Opinion; whether Rob is lying or not.

Because who, based solely on her race and gender, would believe her side of the story?

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