There’s Something Funny About these Recent Cop Killings

I have a theory… and yes, it’s probably absurd, but

It strikes me as curious that just about everybody on the internet is an expert on mind control when it comes to the entertainment industry, cloned rappers, MKUltra, all that shit, but when mind control really seems to be in play, we just shrug it off as random crime.

There’s something odd about these cop killings lately and I’m speaking specifically about the ones involving Black murderers.

The one that happened a couple of days ago in New York where some presumed 34 year-old nut named Alexander Bonds killed 48 year-old officer Miosotis Familia, being the most troubling, but going back to when the Black Lives Matter movement was in full bloom and Micah Johnson then Gavin Eugene Long¬†– two ex GIs – both snapped and went on cop-killing rampages and even before that when definitive madman Ismaaiyl Brinsley decided to “put wings on pigs”, drove from Baltimore to New York and executed two NYPD officers, there’s been a unique peculiarity in these murders.

The New York killings are particularly glaring because Brinsley, although filled what we’re supposed to imagine was Black homicidal rage, fired on and killed officers that were Asian and Hispanic.

And even though this recent killing (finally) involved a female officer, she too was a woman of color, Afro-Latino by the looks of things.

And I’m gonna take a sidebar for a second because it’s necessary here:

See, perhaps the greatest taboo in America as far as Black people are concerned, even greater than this:

is the notion of a Black person murdering a white person.

That’s particularly interesting because we’re simultaneously supposed to believe that Blacks are so murderously criminal that it happens all the time, yet we’re also supposed to think that Blacks are so passive that it never happens; we only kill each other and during slavery all the way up through the Civil Rights movement all we did was take abuse and not return it.

Still, when you only think of the movies, just the image of a Black man killing a white man onscreen was so controversial that it made Sweet Sweetback Baadasssss Song into a runaway hit and propelled the Blaxploitation era, dying for a while as iconography until Quentin Tarantino brought it back with almost pornographic levels in Django Unchained.

And this isn’t to say that I want to see white police officers murdered – or anybody for that matter – but you’d think that people boiling over with what we’re supposed to believe is “Black rage” would target them first.

So here’s my theory:

These Black nuts that are killing cops are being brainwashed to do so and they’ve deliberately been avoiding murdering too many white ones intentionally.

See, with marijuana now essentially legal and the growing disparity between rich and poor so extreme that almost all street drugs will probably soon be rendered completely legal if only to keep an otherwise informed and possibly increasingly hostile public from engaging, law enforcement is gonna need a new or at least another reason to continue the mass incarceration of (mostly) Black people.

So what’s gonna eventually happen is that a white female cop is going to be allowed to be murdered.

And she’s gonna be fucking beautiful.

Her backstory’s gonna be amazing.

She’s gonna be a saint.

And the outcry against the nigger that murders her is gonna be so vehement that seemingly spontaneously there are gonna be demands that anyone caught with the unlawful possession of a weapon is gonna receive 15-20 years minimum manditory.

Public happy, possible decreasing prison population problem solved.



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