Something Stinks to High Hell About Cash Freeman Killing Leland Foster

Where was the mom during all this?

That’s only the first question that popped into my mind.

As it turns out, she was on the premises.

Crazy, huh?

So, if you don’t know why this white dude in Oklahoma shot and killed a Black dude and has walked away without any charges being filed, here’s the official story:

The Black dude, Leland Foster, was allegedly trying to drown his 3 month-old twins in a bathtub while simultaneously holding his estranged wife at bay with a knife.

Ok, possible; considering that 3 month-olds could easily be drowned with one arm by an adult while that same adult also held a knife to threaten another adult.

Weird is the notion that a mother – any mother – would allow herself to be “held at bay” while her babies were being drowned.

Now, how Cash Freeman got involved went like this:

Allegedly some 12 year-old girl – The New York Daily News never specifies her relation to anybody – runs to tell Mr. Freeman that his neighbor, Mr. Foster, is murdering his own twin babies.

How convenient that the 12 year-old ran to the neighbor that had a gun!

The rest of it goes like so:

Two bullets struck Foster in the back. Freeman told authorities he fired a third shot to make sure Foster no longer posed a threat to his family.

“Mr. Freeman reported that even after firing two shots, he still considered the decedent to be a threat observing him to [be] armed with the knife…viewing the decedent’s evil intent expressed in his facial expression, he felt compelled to fire the third shot to attempt to get past this violent man to render aid and prevent the man from getting back up to harm anyone,” the Pontotoc County District Attorney’s Office said in a statement, KFOR-TV reported.

Now, I’m not at all complaining about Mr. Foster being killed if he truly was trying to kill his twins.

I’m just hung up on the idea that, knife or no knife, a mother would sit and watch her twins being drowned in front of her.

Also, how’d the 12 year-old find out about the murder in progress and who was she?

Was she Mr. Foster’s step-daughter, real daughter or a passerby?

Possible is that the now-widowed Mrs. Foster was simply tired of her husband and either because she was fucking Mr. Freeman or she paid him because, George Zimmerman being the precedent, she knew that a white man could get away with murdering a Black man with just his word as his defense.

And how cool to do it while Mr. Foster was, say, giving his twins a bath, the whole “drowning the twins” justification having already been decided upon?

Also, how long does it take to drown 3 month olds?

Wouldn’t you think that by the time someone ran to get help and that help returned – after arming himself, of course – one or both of the babies would be dead or brain-damaged?

Neither was the case for either baby.

I’ve never shot anyone or fired a gun so maybe it’s my own softness that makes me think that a “Hey! Buddy! Put the knife down!” screamed at Mr. Foster by Mr. Freeman should have been customary or even the noise of Mr. Freeman being led by a frantic 12 year-old – assuming the girl was still involved – would have made Mr. Foster turn, causing his bullet wounds to be in his chest instead of his back.

But no, like everything else about this shooting, Mr. Foster getting shot in the back was convenient.

And now he’s dead, no further questions.

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