Maia Campbell, Mental Illness & Being Fucked Up on Your Own Terms

“I’m clear why I’m here, how bout you?”


For all the genius of F. Scott Fitzgerald, he wrote one of the dumbest lines in history when he opined that “There are no second acts in American lives“.

Muhfucca, American lives are full of second acts.

All you gotta do is live long enough.

In fact, it can be argued that just about everybody has a period when they’re hot, when they’re not, and when they make a comeback, full or partial.

The sports world is full of them shits, from Ali to Jordan to, in Tom Brady’s case, everything in one Super Bowl.

So it’s inane to believe – even tho Eminem made a great song outta the notion – that you’ve only got once chance to “blow”.

Similarly, there’s a peculiar rubbernecking quality that we Americans have for what we perceive as tragedy.

We both like to witness it and pity it.

Witnessing it takes us back to ours Romans-watching-gladiator origins of Western Civ.

Pitying it places us above it; and there’s nothing we American like (need) more than to feel above something or somebody else.

Poor (rich) Blac Chyna being revenge porned!

How could any of us live with ourselves if we suffered through such an ordeal?

Now, as far as that video of Maia Campbell, former co-star on “In the House”, a show in which LL Cool J was the lead, all I could think was that she didn’t look miserable.

She looked nuts.

I wouldn’t wanna fuck her.

She looked unclean.

But if you’ve ever known a crackhead or a junkie there’s a quality about them that makes you – if even only vaguely – aware that they’re exactly where they wanna be.

She had that.

Now, of course, there are those that are rushing to say that she has “mental health” issues simply because what are clearly her life choices don’t coincide with what we’re lead to believe should be reasonable life choices especially for one that’s tasted what we’re also led to believe is the “good life”; spending time as an actress, doing Hollywood, that whole thing.

But make no mistake: the greatest indication of sanity is fear.

If you’re afraid to lose your life, lose your job, lose your wife, then you’re sane.

If you’re completely without fear, you’re also completely insane.

Maia didn’t look scared of shit, therefore, she’s crazy.

And as none other than Dave Chappelle can tell us, there’s something about “Hollywood” that not only has the potential and the history of driving people really crazy, but if we’re to believe in half the stories of drugs, wife swapping and outright occultism, then should the Hollywood choice really be considered the “good life”?

The rush to label people “crazy” also removes from them two critical things; responsibility and choice.

So what we have to wonder really is what was so fucked up about Maia Campbell’s Hollywood “good life” that made her choose the one she’s currently living as preferable?

And hopefully nobody’s so foolish as to think that they can run in there and “save” her.

You might offer her a job, she might take it.

Who knows?

But as all of y’all know, I was homeless up until April.

Then I was like, “Fuck this; something’s telling me this summer it’s not gonna be the move to be sleeping on these trains.”

So I got a place.

Likewise, Maia Campbell’s gonna do what she’s doing as long as she wants to do it.

And when she no longer wants to, she’ll stop.



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