Did Cosby Sabotage Lisa Bonet?

If you’ve been playing 4:44 nonstop like I have and you’re a geezer, also like me, then you knew exactly what Hov was talking about on Marcy Me when he spit, “when Lisa Bonet was Beyonce…

The year was 1984, “The Cosby Show” had just debuted and if you were a horny little kid that needed something on prime time network television that turned you on and out, then Lisa Bonet was just what the doctor ordered.

Now, never mind the unlikelihood that a union between Bill Cosby and Phylicia then-Allen would produce a girl like Lisa – who so obviously had a white parent – we just knew that beyond being simply “exotic”, which so many thirsty niggas mistake for fine anyway, Lisa was genuinely fine.

Two years later, Lisa even debuted in her own spinoff, “A Different World”, which was supposed to be her star vehicle about attending Hillman College, a Howard-like doppelganger, but she was gone after one season and co-star Jasmine Guy took over the lead.

However, it was along the way that she may have, in fact, incurred the ire (and wrath) of Bill Cosby.

See, Lisa also starred in this little occult, voodoo, psychological thriller called Angel Heart.

And during Angel Heart there was this one particularly graphic sex scene where her character fucked actor Mickey Rourke’s character.

Incredibly tasty if you were young at the time.

Fair to middling now in the era of xvideos one click away.

But it was known that Cosby disapproved of Lisa appearing in the film.

What’s not known is whether or not Lisa ignoring Cos’ admonishment is the reason for her almost virtual disappearance – aside from turning up briefly with Will Smith in Enemy of the State – from film and television for over the next 20 years.

Now, understand; it’d be easy to chalk up Cosby’s interest to paternalism were it not for the fact that it’s been proven that Cos has a “type” and that type is young, fresh and high-yellow.

That known, it’s easy to imagine Cos attempting to groom young Lisa to be part of his future-fuck farm team.

Gross, but remember; we’re talking about Cosby.

You should should also consider that a good percentage of Cos’ alleged victims came to him for “professional” help.

And of course there are a multitude of rumors of instances of family-show fuckfests including the one that Florence Henderson or Carol from “The Brady Bunch”, fucked Barry Williams or Greg, her TV step-son, and there’s even one that claims that Ed O’Neill, TV’s own Al Bundy, fucked Christina Applegate, or his daughter on the show, “Married With Children”.

Also, if we’re just dealing with the known Black history of powerful men in Hollywood shutting down actresses they’d deemed “uncooperative”, which of course, loosely interpreted means “wouldn’t give up the pussy”, then there’s the rumor that Spike Lee shut down Mo’ Better Blues co-star Cynda Williams and that Eddie Murphy crushed Coming to America co-lead Shari Headley.

But men behaving this badly is a long known of Hollywood tradition perhaps best exemplified by the example Mario Puzo put in the book version of The Godfather of Jack Woltz, who fucked and left bloody whole crops of pre-teen virgins wannabe starlets and was allegedly based on Harry Cohn.

So it’s possible Cosby played a hand in shutting down Lisa.

Both Tom Hanks and Robin Williams went on to become Oscar winners after starting out on TV sitcoms.

Then again, it’s also telling that the biggest star aside from Bill and Phylicia Rashad to emerge from original Cosby Show has been Raven Symone.

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