Forget Vick: Kaepernick Should Take His Cues from Nixon and Napoleon

I knew he was wrong when Colin Kaepernick promised to stand next season during the playing of the National Anthem without even being asked to do so.


Always a mistake.

The guy running for Prez as a Republican last year grabbed pussies and was like, “Fuck it. Locker room talk.”

You see where that got him.

But Kaep’s “stance”, while kneeling before NFL games during the playing of the National Anthem – even tho I never agreed that he was the athlete to deliver said message I did agree with the message – was a powerful statement against police brutality.

And he had to know it was gonna cost him.

When I was young, I was naive enough to think that America was more capitalistic than racist but now I know that control in America is even more important than money to the extent a not yet 30 year-old quarterback that once had the San Francisco 49ers a completion away from being NFL champs could be blackballed to “send a message”.

And that message is, “Toe the line, well paid Negro, or else”.

Because realistically, Kaepernick should be more “commercial” now than ever.

Who would a “Love It or Leave It” redneck rather see splattered across the turf than him?

But Kaep’s mistake in attempting to sign next season as a free agent with an NFL team hasn’t been so much his politics as simply his desire to do so.

And it’s for that reason, I’m not gonna bash Michael Vick even though on the surface, his argument that Kaep needs to “cut his hair” reeks of  coonery, Tomism, Remus, Ruckus, shinery, but I think Mike’s heart is in the right place.

His brain is just out to lunch.

Right now, the more Kaep moves to be embraced, the more that embrace will be shunned.

Part of the reason that Hillary Clinton lost to that Republican dude in the last election – aside from the fact that nobody likes her – was that her political ambitions were just too naked.

It’s sadly but truly a part of human nature for people that have little power to exercise what power they do have negatively against the desires of others.

So part of the reason it’s been so easy to shut down Kaep this off-season is because of just how obvious it is that he still wants to play.

If he had only taken a page from either Richard Nixon or Napoleon, both of whom had egos bigger than Muhammad Ali’s id, but knew that the obviousness of their ambitions was causing people to feel empowered only by shutting them down, wisely, and for the moment at least, stepped aside..

In 1962, Nixon said famously, “You won’t have Nixon to kick around any more”.

6 years later, he was President.

In 1814, after Napoleon had fucked with Russia – which, of course, was Hitler’s mistake too – he abdicated and was exiled to the Island of Elba.

1 year later, he was back on top.

So if Kaep really wants back in the NFL, the next thing outta his mouth should be “Fuck the NFL!”

Then he should promise to play for free or not at all, some crazy shit like that.

Then he should go to an island and ostensibly chill while secretly working out like a demon.

Sure enough, some white NFL team owner, suffering perhaps from a NFL week 1 injury to his starting QB, but posing like he’s Branch Rickey reincarnated, will come calling.

And then Kaep can make his return!

Although, let’s hope, his’ll be better than both Nixon’s and Napoleon’s.

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