BRUTAL Day for Black Men as Hoes Escape Unscathed

Get this straight: any bitch that fixes her perspective to claim any anger about R. Kelly running a virtual cult fulla hoes, is only mad that she wasn’t one of the hoes.

Otherwise, there’s nothing to be mad about.

You might shake your head at the stupidity/naivete of any young girl or woman who would, in 2017, still be caught alone with R. Kelly, but be mad at him?


You know who he is.

You know what he is.

He was never contrite, never promised to change, never even behaved in a way that would have led one to think that he thought it was necessary for him to change.

So when bitches get mad at him in this gross and stupid era of virulent, overriding feminism, what they’re actually doing is hearkening back to a time when the American plains were filled with men like R. Kelly.

Men that hadn’t been castrated and made eunuchs by this current terror that so many men feel of so-called “liberated” women, but would take hold of, take control of and dominate not only one woman, but as many as they wanted.

That kind of man today is indeed rare, R. Kelly’s one of them, and even tho his kinda macho isn’t my particular bag – I can barely manage one computer – far be it for me to speculate on what should take place between consenting adults.

Now, Usher’s dead wrong for giving some chick herpes.

Herpes is permanent and if you got it, it’s only classy to wear a condom to avoid spreading that shit or if the woman is just dying to get raw-dogged, at least have the decency to tell her and put the dice in her hand.

What fucks me up tho is, how come I know about this shit?

I’m pretty sure before giving up 1.1 million, Usher made old girl sign some sorta non-disclosure agreement.

Now that the entire world knows, if I’m Usher, I want my money back!

Lastly, Kevin Hart: now, because I’m not the biggest Kevin Hart fan, it’s gonna seem like I’m offering no parts of a defense for him so instead let me start of by doing just that.

How bout this: there was a time (before feminism went crazy) that men were considered so weak and unable to avoid pussy if it were offered to us that any chick that knowingly fucked a married man was castigated as a “homewrecker” and eschewed pretty much by the female community at large.

Now that everything’s the man’s fault – she can clobber you, but you can never hit a woman, if he cheats, he’s a pig, if she cheats, he wasn’t fucking her right – so if the rumors are true, then Kevin Hart’s an asshole for cheating on his pregnant wife.

And yes, if the rumors are true, then Kevin Hart’s asshole for cheating on his pregnant wife.

As a genuine romantic who absolutely adores women, marriage is not some shit I take lightly.

Cheating should be the last thing you ever do; bringing somebody else’s energy between you and your spouse.

For shame!

If you’ll recall, my main knock on Cosby wasn’t the alleged rapes, it was the confirmed cheating.

Still too many women, taking their cues from great moral authorities like Amber Rose, have allowed themselves to be convinced that they can never be wrong.

Well, I haven’t been convinced.

And if responsibility were three cards dealt in a hand of spades, Usher, Kevin Hart and R. Kelly would only be one sure at fault and a possible.


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