OJ Ain’t Free! (that nigga’s about to charge 100K per appearance)

Now that America’s favorite cautionary tale to white women on the dangers of coal burning has been freed, expect a media blitz.

There’s already talk of a possible reality show.

Those of you thinking the guy is some sorta distraction for the antics of Trump have hit the nail on the head.

But I don’t blame OJ for capitalizing.

What escapes me and what always has is how come he ain’t get the fuck out the country when he first got acquitted of murdering his beautiful, blonde, whore of an ex-wife?

Go to Africa maybe or the Caribbean ideally, with a hermetically quiet life in Europe as a third option.

For a while, I believed it to be a safe bet that some “race solider”, as Tariq Nasheed likes to call them, would blow his fucking brains out.

Then I realized how much more valuable “The Juice” was as a ghost story for nigger-leaning white women.

Still, even if he didn’t get murked, you knew they’d eventually clink him on something.

Sure enough, stealing back his own memorabilia.

Legendary comedian Paul Mooney used to use the term “Nigger wake-up call” for what invariably happened to any and all Black celebrities once they tasted a little too much fame and let it go to their heads.

The thing Mr. Mooney missed is that although he’s right and everybody does eventually get a “Nigger wake-up call”, nobody ever wakes up!

OJ famously thought he wasn’t Black, he was OJ, and expected all his friends to remain after his acquittal and subsequently felt shocked and betrayed when they didn’t.

Still, did he reconsider his OJness?


When Tiger Woods got his first “Nigger wake-up call” in the form of Fuzzy Zoeller disrespecting him by suggesting that after Tiger’s first Masters win, Tiger would serve “fried chicken and collared greens”

and then instead of turning into Huey Newton and doing just that, Tiger dismissed Zoeller as a good guy that liked to joke, then when he was divorcing his own nanny of a wife, he might have expected the press to side with him.

Tiger was, after all, the known entity.

He was the star.

You’d think he woulda been like, “You know what? Fuck y’all!” after watching a media tout his ex as some “survivor”; to the tune of a 3/4ths of a billie divorce settlement.

And of course, Michael Jackson, after losing tons of fans and forking over big cash the first time he got accused of child molestation, still avoided Black women like The Plague when marriage season came around, his last wife even being paid to have his children.


One can only think of how Muhammad Ali and LeBron responded when they fell out of America’s good graces.

Their gag was, “Don’t love me no more? So what. You will respect me.”

And we all do.

You’d also think that like Godfrey Cambridge in Melvin Van Peebles’ Watermelon Man, after the lead character, a white man, has turned Black and is shunned by everybody including his own wife and children, he eventually becomes a Black militant.

But that’s not the fiction our “wake-up call” guys follow.

They’re way more like the horse from George Orwell’s Animal Farm when trying to sustain or regain white approval:

They can get their faces spat in and their only though is, I must work harder.

So good luck OJ!

They’ve made startling innovations in white women since you’ve been locked.

Exercise has given a lot of them asses!


Have fun and try not to kill anybody (else).

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